The Franklin County Recorder's Office awarded a $1.4 million contract to Unisys Corp. to provide imaging hardware, software and integration services.


Oklahoma City received $250,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop an intelligent transportation system.


The Douglas County Sheriff's Department received a $37,000 grant from the U.S. Justice Department to design a Web page, purchase a computer, modem and video cameras to record evidence in courts.


Gov. Tom Ridge continued promotion of his Link-to-Learn initiative, asking for support from the Pennsylvania Information Highway Consortium and the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities. Link-to-Learn invests more than $121 million to link computer systems of various schools into a "network of networks" and improve high-tech resources across the state.

Rhode Island

The Providence Mayor's Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse awarded Federal Hill House $10,000 to establish an intergenerational computer program that will teach children and their parents computer skills while receiving education on drug prevention.

South Carolina

The South Carolina Sheriff's Association held its first live teleconference using South Carolina ETV's Public Services Network.

South Dakota

A teacher team from Axtell Park Middle School in Sioux Falls was awarded $12,000, laptop computers and software for their proposal in the U S West Foundation's "Connecting Teachers with Technology" award program.


The Jackson Utility Division purchased software and hardware from Graphic Data Systems Corp. to support Phase II of the municipal utility's geographic information system.


The Department of Human Services will evaluate the effectiveness of a Lone Star Image System from North American Morpho Systems in reducing fraud and preventing duplicate applications in its AFDC and Food Stamp programs.


Gov. Mike Leavitt met with nine other members of the Western Governors' Association in San Antonio to appoint a task force to study electric deregulation and propose ways to make sure deregulation will be beneficial to consumers.


Seventy-four elementary and high schools were awarded over $160,000 in distance learning grants from FY-97 Capital Bill funds.


The city of Chesapeake awarded a contract to UGC Consulting to assist in the implementation of a pilot geographic information system.


The Pierce County Sheriff's Department and the Tacoma Police Department awarded a $1.1 million contract to North American Morpho Systems Inc. to provide its newest automatic fingerprint identification system.

West Virginia

Glendale Elementary and Chandler Elementary schools in Charleston installed computers to help adults in the community track down jobs or learn skills to work at home. West Virginia Gazette.


Wisconsin unveiled "Child Support Dragnet on the Internet." The site features names, photographs, ages and addresses of parents who have failed to pay child support.


An employee from the State Treasurer's Office and three employees from the Department of Education received awards for improving service to school districts by automating a grant process.