Product News

Product News

by / January 31, 1997
Have Your Keyboard Call My Keyboard

The CompuNet 2000 PC keyboard, with a built-in Internet telephone connection, allows users to make and receive Internet phone calls from their computer keyboards. The user can also dial directly from any application to conference Internet phone calls, track calls made by time and date and review calling patterns. Features include four-step volume control, mute, redial and flash. The suggested retail value for CompuNet is $249.

For additional information contact Gemini Industries, 215 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ 07014. Call: 201/471-9050.


Wireless Fax Machine

Fax View is a portable handheld fax machine that operates over a cellular phone, allowing the user to receive, read, store and send faxes and receive e-mail messages. Fax View weighs less than eight ounces and its memory is capable of storing up to 25 pages of fax. Fax View is compatible with most popular handheld cellular telephones. Suggested retail price is $349.

For additional information contact Reflection Technology, 230 Second Avenue, Waltham, MA 02154. Call: 617/890-5905.


Teraflop Barrier Falls

Want to build a fast computer? Forget gigaflops! Take a few 200MHz Intel Pentium Pro processors (9,260 of them to be exact) and you too can break the teraflop (one trillion floating point operations per second) barrier -- churning out 1.06 trillion computations per second.

A new Intel-powered supercomputer recently broke the previous computing speed record of 368.3 gigaflops (one billion floating point operations per second). The Department of Energy will use the computer to study nuclear weapons and other research projects in medicine, drug therapy, meteorology, genetics and the environment.

For additional information contact Intel Corp., 2200 Mission College Blvd., P.O. Box 58119, Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119. Call Tami Casey at 408/765-8203. Internet: .


Learn to Share

Apple's eMate 300 is specifically designed for the educational market. High-speed infrared technology allows instructors and students to transfer and share data wirelessly. The eMate features a 25MHz ARM 710a RISC processor, 3MB of RAM and 8MB of ROM. It weighs four pounds and the battery lasts for up to 24 hours of continuous use. It is expected to be sold in the first quarter of 1997 for less than $800.

For additional information contact Apple Computer Inc.,
1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA
95014-2084. Call: 408/996-1010.


Remote Medical Scan
TeleInvivo, developed by the Center for Research in Computer Graphics Inc., is a three-dimensional ultrasound visualization software that allows physicians to have realtime online exchanges and dialogues regarding clinical diagnostic problems when expert consulting, shared or multiple medical opinions are needed. Physicians can view medical data, such as CAT, MRI, MRA and PET scans from remote locations.

TeleInvivo requires a Pentium PC running NT or UNIX. The data can be exchanged over ISDN or ATM networks.

For additional information contact John Coleman of TeleInvivo at 401/453-6363. Internet: .


Weather Eye
Have trouble forecasting the weather? For $69 per month AccuWeather gives unlimited, up-to-the-minute radar data, access to satellite images, weather maps, lightning-strike data and the predicted paths of severe weather and tornadoes for any site in the United States. Data is delivered by modem or over the Internet.

For additional information contact AccuWeather, 619 W. College Avenue, State College, PA 16801. Call 800/566-6606. E-mail: .


Network Printer

The Sharp AO-4100 printer provides a smooth transition from copiers to printers, allowing the 40 page-per-minute midrange network printer to be used for high-volume network production printing applications. With software resident on the printer's hard disk, users can configure the printer with predefined default settings. This technology allows the unit to appear as a "virtual printer" on a network,
allowing 64 possible printer configurations.

The network printer supports a wide range of network operating systems, including Novell NetWare, AppleTalk, UNIX TCP/IP and DEC LAT.

The unit features a 33MHz RISC R3081, 16MHz 68302 dual-processor controller, a PostScript resolution of 300 x 300 dpi or 400 x 400 dpi; PCL5 300 x 300 dpi with 28MB of memory expandable to 36MB. The AO-4100 is priced at $27,995.

For additional information contact The Business Products Group, Sharp Electronics Corp., Sharp Plaza, Mahawah, N.J. 07430. Call: 201/529-9600. Internet: .


Internet Security

The Norman Firewall, developed through a joint effort of Hewlett-Packard and Norman Data Defense Systems, is a B1-level operating system firewall designed to provide end-to-end centrally managed security solutions for the Internet and connected intranets. It prevents the compromise of data, applications and underlying files, and can screen out more than 9,100 viruses and their variants in compressed files. In addition, its hot-word scanning allows administrators to scan transmitted files for keywords, such as sensitive project names. The firewall also provides an auditing subsystem to alert system administrators or security officers of possible attacks on the firewall.

For additional information contact Hewlett-Packard, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304. Call George Liddle at 408/447-7343. Internet: .


Electronic Signature

ApproveIT version 3.0, developed by Silanis Technology, allows the user to sign any document electronically, using a pen-based digitizer or tablet. The signature is secured by ApproveIT's encrypted copy protection. It reduces paper and paper storage costs, especially in writing purchase orders, contracts and other documents.

ApproveIT supports Word and Excel. ApproveIT requires a minimum of a 386-based PC, 8MB RAM (16MB RAM for Windows NT), 4MB hard disk space, mouse, DOS 5.0/Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51. ApproveIT is priced at $149.

For additional information contact Silanis Technology, 1975 Hymus Blvd., Suite 230, Dorval, Quebec H9P 1J8. Call Tracey Ades at 514/683-3232. E-mail: .