National Technology Snapshot

National Technology Snapshot

by / December 31, 1996
The Alabama Supercomputing Authority awarded a contract to MCI to provide three Internet access points in Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery.

The Alaska Division of Information Services awarded a contract for an independent professional review and comparative benchmark evaluation of its computer and telecommunications services to Compass America. Federal Sources Inc.

Community colleges and public universities released a Request for Information for a statewide network to support education.

Because of cellular phone and facsimile service growth, the Arkansas Public Service Commission proposed two plans for an additional area code. Springdale Morning News.

The California Public Employees Retirement System awarded a $3 million contract for an automated actuarial valuation reporting system to Gabriel, Rouder, Smith & Co. Federal Sources Inc.

Colorado awarded a $3 million contract to Eligibility Management Systems for a feasibility and BPR study and creation of an RFP for implementation of the state's welfare eligibility system -- the Colorado Benefits Management System. Federal Sources Inc.

Gov. John G. Rowland signed personal legislation allowing the Department of Administration to develop guidelines for telecommuting and work-at-home programs. Managing Administrative Services.

Delaware added the Office of State Banking Commissioner to its home page at .

Court officials took a state court home page off the Web after a computer hacker added nude pictures to the site. The Web site has been restored and the Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the break-in. Reuters News Service.

The Department of Medical Assistance awarded a $3 million contract to Medstat to implement an Executive Information System/Decision Support System to allow access to an integrated health care database comprised of provider, eligibility and health care data and Medicaid claims. Federal Sources Inc.

In a letter to the editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin regarding the publication's series on government, Moya Davenport Gray, head of the Office of Information Practices, stated that "to suggest that the Office of Information Practices is leading 'Hawaii government's slide toward secrecy' is wrong." Gray also noted that the office is working on getting rules for openness in place. ACCESS Reports.

The Department of Health and Welfare contracted with Maximus for a statewide system called Eligibility Programs Integrated Computer System. Federal Sources Inc.

The State Board of Education received $30 million in new funding for learning technology initiatives aimed at developing the infrastructure, teacher training and curricula to prepare students for the 21st century. Illinois Technology.

The Geographic Information Systems Department is looking for new ways to serve more areas of Fort Wayne City Utilities, including the Customer Assistance Center, the Water Filtration Plant and Water Pollution Control Maintenance.

Davis County hospital received a $2 million grant from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to expand the hospital's current telemedicine system. The Bloomfield Democrat.

The Washington County Commission approved $27,000 in spending for a 911 Datamaster program, a database software that can track addresses, phone numbers and other information. Washington County News.

The Jessamine County Library celebrated its 100-year anniversary with a new location and new computers with Internet access. Lexington Herald-Leader.

The Louisiana School for the Deaf in Baton Rouge celebrated the grand opening of its new International Learning and Technology Center. The new center will be used to examine ways technology can be used to deliver arts-related learning experiences to persons with disabilities.

Learning Results is a statewide educational initiative to improve Maine schools and increase standards for all students using information technology.

Citizens now have access to job listings,
parks and recreation information and other state services through a 28-foot van equipped with personal computers linked to the Internet. Techno-V.A.N. (Volunteers for Access and Networking) is a collaborative effort between the state, the Access and Equity Committee of the State Information Technology Board and Maryland's high-tech industry.

The Department of Revenue received the 1996 Federation of Tax Administrators Award for Outstanding Technology for its Telefile and imaging systems. Telefile allows taxpayers to file income taxes by Touch-Tone telephone while an imaging system captures the returns through high-speed scanners. Work Process Improvement Today.

The University of Michigan joined Internet II, a new network that allows students to use the Internet for high-speed transmissions of voice, video and data. Internet II is a consortium of 600 colleges and 100 companies promoting computing in higher education. Newsbytes.

Gov. Arne Carlson announced a comprehensive K-12 technology program that will link every public school to the Internet and increase the number of computers in classrooms.

The city of Biloxi's 1996-97 fiscal year budget is available on the Web at . The site also features visitor information, City Council meeting agendas and city press releases.

The Department of Administration awarded a contract to Unisys for a Field Automated System for Titles and Registration for the Missouri Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicles and Licensing Division. Federal Sources Inc.

The Montana GIS Users' Group is researching a new project that will organize existing GIS resources and training materials on the Web. The new format will assist learning about how GIS is applied in Montana. The prototype is planned for an April release.

Gov. Ben Nelson held an Educational Summit in October. The summit focused on the needs of the state's educational system and how to prepare students for the year 2000.

In response to customer complaints and inquiries from Nevada Sen. Richard Bryan, the Federal Trade Commission recommended that Congress tighten consumer confidentiality laws to stop credit and identity fraud. Current laws do not bar credit bureaus from releasing customer information through e-mail or the Internet. Reuters News Service.

New Hampshire
The state awarded a $4.5 million contract to Dynamics Research to implement a statewide automated child welfare information system called the Automated Case Management Information System. Federal Sources Inc.

New Jersey
Under a contract between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Lockheed Martin, medical centers in New Jersey will be equipped with scalable diagnostic image and information systems. Over a teleradiology-wide network, radiologists will be able to read images more quickly and easily. Newsbytes.

New Mexico
The General Services Department, Transportation Services Division, contracted with Wright Express Corp. for its automated fuel management program to help bring fuel and related expenses under control.

New York
The state Insurance Department awarded a contract to Adaptive Information Systems Inc. to automate its Consumer Services Bureau with document imaging and workflow automation software.

North Carolina
Students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill participated in "virtual" interviews during a Virtual Job Fair in November. Using Viewnet from VIEWnet Inc., students talked with prospective employers through a personal computer and videoconferencing technology.

North Dakota
The North Dakota University System, the Information Services Division and the Legislative Council are developing a bill tracking system that will allow citizens to create a personal profile of bills via the Internet.

The Wayne County Schools Career Center in Smithville unveiled its new Mobile Technology Lab, a training bus which features three operating systems, Quickcam digital video cameras, and virtual reality and videoconferencing equipment. The lab will provide door-to-door training to businesses and rural schools, and
help introduce seniors to the Internet.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) received six Governor's Awards, including one for its Model County Project. DHS streamlined paperwork processing by installing more than 4,000 high-speed personal computers with local-area and wide-area networks.

Washington County awarded a contract to Unisys to provide information systems operations, development and support services for the county. Federal Sources Inc.

Pennsylvania celebrated its first anniversary on the World Wide Web. The Office of Information Technology reported that public usage is growing by one percent each month and averaging 5,000 hits per day. The Web site at includes details on recreational activities, special events across the state and 1996-97 budget figures.

Rhode Island
The University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography received a $1.5 million federal grant that will allow the university to collaborate with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to create an electronic information network available to scientists and the public via the Internet.

South Carolina
South Carolina added the State Ports Authority to its Web page at .

South Dakota
Aspire High Alternative School in Beresford received a Job Training Award from the Workforce Development Council for providing an opportunity for at-risk youths to complete their high school education. The curriculum is based on technology, and the program has a near 90 percent retention rate. A recent survey indicated all graduates in the last two years were employed.

The Department of Human Services created a new Internet page for the state's "found" parents who have paid their delinquent child support payments. The site will contain the photos of parents who have been located through the department's efforts, newly signed license revocation laws and the work of area child support offices. The site address is .

The Hays County Clerk signed a contract with Hart Information Services Inc. for a new optical imaging system that will provide electronic storage, access and retrieval of county records and cash management functions.

Nurses in college graduate programs can now take courses closer to home. The University of Utah offers graduate-level courses via the Utah Education Network, a videoconferencing network that broadcasts classes throughout the state. Ogden Standard Examiner.

Vermont now has a Judiciary home page at .

The city of Manassas installed a new Motorola Astro two-way radio communications system that will be used by Police, Fire and Electrical departments as well as Public Works.

Pierce County hired PlanGraphics Inc. to help facilitate future requests for geographic information system data.

West Virginia
George Washington Elementary and Middle schools in Eleanor hooked up to Cellular One's ClassLink, a program that uses cell phones to connect students to the Internet without using a standard phone jack. W.V. Gazette

Gov. Tommy G. Thompson unveiled a new Mobile Data Communications System for the Pulaski Police Department. The system will give officials instant access to criminal data.

The Department of Education developed a technology plan for school districts that will train students and teachers, make technology accessible to schools and provide funding and resources for districts.


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