National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

by / November 30, 1996
The Madison County Tax Assessor's Office adopted Intergraph's Tax Office software to improve land management for over 119,000 parcels.

Alaska's criminal justice computer systems will be integrated in a new initiative designed to raise the profile of criminal justice policies in the state.

Sunnyside School District in Tucson received the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for stretching its budget to allow over 14,000 students access to computers. Arizona Daily Star.

Arkansas will receive part of a $5 million settlement from Packard Bell over allegations that the company sold previously used components in "new" computers.

California's Environmental Technology Certifications program was named a finalist for the 1996 Innovations in American Government Awards.

Platte River Constructors selected MFS Network Technologies to provide an electronic toll and traffic management system for the E-470 public highway in the Denver metropolitan area.

The Hartford authority formed partnerships with Capital Community-Technical College and A.I. Prince Technical High School to provide computer training to residents at Charter Oak Terrace, a public housing development. Hartford Courant.

The Department of Agriculture will offer online applications for licenses in pesticide application and nursery operation. Considerations are now being made on how to arrange payment of fees when applying via the department's Web site at: .

The Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners awarded Computer Task Group Inc. a $5.6 million contract to develop a criminal justice information computer network that will link agencies in the county. Newsbytes.

State Rep. Mitchell Kaye, Electronic Frontiers Georgia and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction against a Georgia statute barring online users from using pseudonyms or communicating anonymously over the Internet. Newsbytes.

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) imposed a fine on GTE Hawaii Tel for $255,000 for failing to turn over business records and technical information to TelHawaii Inc., a firm allowed by the PUC to provide phone services to the Ka`u District. Maui News.

With a new Banner computer system, the transition to the year 2000 won't be a problem for the University of Idaho. The university already experienced this problem since its records date back to 1889. Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Illinois citizens can sign up for state organ and tissue donor registration over the Internet. The feature provides users with testimonials from transplant recipients and a link to other Internet sites offering more donor information. State Legislatures.

At Butler University, four Indiana high schools participated in an interactive session that demonstrated newly installed Sony distance learning equipment.

Gov. Terry Branstad appointed James Youngblood as the Director of Information Technology Services. Managing Administrative Services.

A new 911 system for Cowley County will be delayed after the vendor pulled out of the project. When receiving calls, dispatchers will see the caller's phone number and name appear on the computer system, but not the specific address. Winfield Daily Courier.

The Division of Purchases awarded its statewide personal computer, printer, and peripheral term contract to Accent Systems, Ameridata, Edward Technology/DBA Lexington Computer, and Pomeroy Computer Resources. Federal Sources Inc.

Louisiana pharmacy providers who submit claims to the state Medicaid program are now linked to National Data Corp.'s national health care network for realtime processing of eligibility services.

Five hundred schools were connected to the Internet during Maine's NetDay '96. The event created between $5 million and $10 million worth of computer networks at no taxpayer expense thanks to several hundred volunteers and donated networking kits. Portland Press Herald Online.

The Board of Public Works awarded Sprint a new three-year contract to continue providing telecommunications relay services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and disabled citizens.

The Department of Social Services awarded a contract to Deloitte & Touche for the design and integration of a Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System. Federal Sources Inc.

A statewide teleconference featuring leading educators and job providers was held in September as part of Michigan's "School-to-Work Month" initiative to connect the classroom to the workplace.

A failure in InternetMCI's backbone hit Internet subscribers to the Minnesota Regional Network. More than 220 government organizations, including colleges and universities, were down for 12 hours. Newsbytes.

Lt. Gen. Albert Edmonds, head of the Defense Information Systems Agency, donated 20 computers to the Biloxi School System.

A new chief information officer will be appointed as part of Gov. Mel Carnahan's initiative to improve management operations and government services. The CIO will be responsible for providing a central coordinating point for information technology across state departments. Managing Administrative Services.

Montana awarded a contract to GE Capital Finance that allows Montana State University to purchase its computer software with plastic instead of invoices. The credit cards are limited to $5,000 and can't be used for personal needs. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

The Department of Administrative Services, State Purchasing Bureau, awarded a contract to CTA for year 2000 conversion services on all statewide mainframe application software systems. Federal Sources Inc.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority selected Enterprise MPAC from TSW International to install a client/server maintenance system that will help supply fresh water in southern Nevada.

New Hampshire
SAU 9 school district in Conway received two federal grants for 1996 and 1997 to expand technology in classrooms, enhance computer labs and connect all schools to a wide area network. The Conway Daily Sun.

New Jersey
By April, East Brunswick students will be connected to the Internet as part of a $1.7 million partnership with several high-tech companies. East Brunswick Home News & Tribune.

New Mexico
The Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and Microsoft sponsored a series of computer workshops to provide educational opportunities for small businesses in the city.

New York
New York City selected SmartStreet kiosks from ObjectSoft Corp. as part of Mayor Rudolf Giuliani's City Access initiative to make government information more accessible. The kiosks are currently in operation at the Department of Health and the Bronx and Brooklyn municipal buildings.

North Carolina
Mecklenburg County became the first in the nation to participate in a new computer network program funded by the U.S. Postal Service. Web Interactive Network of Government Services (WINGS) allows citizens to communicate and interact with local, state and federal agencies. County News.

North Dakota
The Department of Human Services automated its system used to recover major claims for pharmaceutical services.

The Columbus Department of Public Utilities selected PlanGraphics Inc. to develop a management system for its Division of Sewage and Drainage. The system will serve as a computerized bank for records and will enhance customer service.

Wireless technology in Edmond caused concerns among residents about the growing number of cellular towers in the county. The Edmond Daily Sun reported that the number of wireless customers in 22 counties in Oklahoma could exceed 3 million by the year 2005. City official are currently working to develop a policy on the issue.

The Department of Energy sponsored a luncheon in Salem for citizens interested in the state's telecommuting program. The new program will help reduce commuter trips by allowing workers to work at home.

Gov. Tom Ridge signed into law the "Jen and Dave's Law" to establish an information system to allow a parent who is party to a custody proceeding to obtain information about criminal charges against the other parent. The new system will be accessible by phone with a 50