Don't I Know You...?

One-on-One from Identification Technologies International (ITI) is a facial recognition system for identification and verification of people, documents and transactions. A key feature is the storage of data on an enrollee's smart card, instead of on central severs.

Biometric criteria are used for the matching process rather than a simple image matching. The verification process does not use templates or neural networks. The system can accurately compare faces in three dimensions making it very accurate to distinguish and verify.

The One-on-One verification unit is made up of a camera assembly with an integral lighting source, an ITI configured Pentium PC including a frame grabber circuit board, interface cabling and the One-on-One system software.

For additional information contact ITI, 2655 LeJuene Road, Suite 703, FL 33134 Tel: 305-447-8919



OrthoGIS from Vexcel Corp. is a precision GIS orthophoto software package that helps remove distortions from aerial photography caused by camera tilts and other variables. It is designed to work with any GIS environment and provides in-house user control of the orthorectification process.

OrthoGIS runs on standard UNIX and PC-based hardware platforms. The Windows NT version is priced at $2,950. For more information Contact Ron McCoy, Vexcel Corp., 2477 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301 Tel: 303-444-0094x229


You Look Familiar...

Identi-Kit III is a facial composite software package developed by Smith & Wesson. Loaded on a laptop computer it provides on-site facial composites, while the suspect is still fresh in the mind of a witness. Equipped with enhanced imaging tools such as painting, shading, drawing, moving and reversing, it creates fast and accurate facial composites of the suspect as described by the witness. The composites could then be stored or distributed nationwide with the use of internal fax modem or hard copy.

The system requires: IBM desktop/PC Compatible, 80386 CPU, 4 MB RAM, (8 MB RAM when operating in Windows or logged into a network), 20 MB Hard Disk, 1200 Baud or faster Modem, Class 2/Group 3/9600 Baud send rate Fax.

For additional information contact, Thomas Searls, Blue Heron Communications, 124 West Main Street, Norman, OK 73069 Tel: 405-364-3433


Great Computer Wall of China

China is using RGB Spectrum's ComputerWall multi-screen display controllerTo monitor its telecommunications. The control room is equipped with a giant display of 10 Electrohome Marquee 8000 CRT Projectors with 72'' DNP rear screens, arranged in a 2x5 configuration. The display information may be either line-doubled video or screens from any of over 20 computers, including Hewlett-Packard 700 Series workstations, Sun Sparc workstations, and PCs. Each image can be displayed on a single screen or enlarged and split over four screens.

The new control center for the Provincial Telecommunications Authority (PTA) in China's Hubei Province is the first of a series of new provincial telephone switching systems that will modernize telecommunications in more than 20 provinces in China.

For additional information contact RGB Spectrum, 950 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA 94501 Call:510-814-7000


Bridge Deck Inspection on the Fly

It's not an RV with a snout, but a bridge and highway inspection device, based on technology used in the Gulf War to locate land mines. The technology -- developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory -- is called dual-band infrared computed tomography. It can detect early cracks and corrosion in bridge decks by their heat signatures.

It does not require closing lanes, but maps structural defects in 3-D and can be vehicle or helicopter/aircraft mounted.

For additional information contact Craig Savoy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, P.O. Box 808, Livermore, CA 94551-9900 Tel: 510-422-1100


Remote Image Capture

Kodak's Megapixel Imaging Technology Camera System (MITE) is designed for remote image acquisition applications. Images captured from airplane, satellites