The Calhoun County Commission contracted with Motorola for a two-way radio system that will serve as a backbone for alert and notification systems.


The Department of Labor streamlined unemployment insurance claims processing by allowing claimants to file via Touch-Tone telephone.


The Department of Economic Security contracted with Pitney Bowes Inc. to develop a mail and distribution center for Arizona.


Arkansas implemented Octel voice processing to manage its day care voucher system. Child care providers can now call a special access number to file for payment.


Attendees at the Republican National Convention in San Diego used wireless telephones -- from Pacific Bell Mobile Services -- and a smart card programmed with phone numbers to popular restaurants, night spots and sightseeing attractions. Newsbytes.


Colorado State University contracted with Colorado Supernet for statewide Internet connection services to all state universities and agencies. Federal Sources Inc.


To support Connecticut's initiative to connect schools and libraries to the Internet, SmartNet donated one Internet access account for each participant of ConneCT '96.


The Office of Information Systems selected Security Dynamics' SecurID access control system to protect its computer networks. Users can access multiple sites with a smart card and one-step logon procedure.


Florida received over $14 million as part of the U.S. Department of Education's Goals 2000: Educate America Act. Funds are supporting 14 school projects to improve technology and communications courses.


Atlanta completed the Traveler Information Showcase, highlighting advances in intelligent transportation systems. The program was implemented by Battelle.


To help students learn more about weather conditions, BHP Hawaii donated an Automated Weather Source station to Barbers Point Elementary School.


The Department of Labor presented "Idaho Works" -- a computerized training initiative -- and a new Career Center to be completed in 1997.


The city of Evanston selected UGC to provide quality control services for Evanston GIS. Evanston automated its infrastructure to provide public access to map and geographic record information.


Kosciusko County awarded additional contracts to PlanGraphics to help the county procure GIS hardware, software and data conversion services.


Washington County selected The Sidwell Company to convert the county's tax maps to a countywide GIS and develop software interfaces with the county's tax cycle system.


The Division of Purchases selected DecisionOne to service computer equipment in 140 agencies. The agreement is also available to any city, county or unified school district in Kansas that maintains the type of equipment covered in the contract.


The Kentucky Education Technology System received an award from the National Association of State Information Resource Executives for outstanding achievement in information technology. NASIRE Exchange.


The Louisiana Geographic Information Systems Council promotes GIS use and development. More information is available on their home page at .


The Bureau of Information Services reorganized three major service divisions: network services now includes telephone, voice mail, electronic mail and network connections. NASIRE Exchange.


Gov. Parris N. Glendening joined parents, students and community volunteers at Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School in Prince Georges County for a hands-on demonstration of Maryland's Net Weekend.


The Department of Revenue received a 1996 Outstanding Program Award from the National Association of State Directors and Administrators for its use of Telefile. The department has saved $200,000 since allowing taxpayers to file income taxes by telephone.


"Michnet" provided an Internet gateway to schools across the state to allow dial-in access to the new Media Union at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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