National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology

by / August 31, 1996
Baldwin County awarded a contract to Woolpert to create a geographic information system and to provide digital and parcel mapping for the entire county.

Digital voice and video services will be available to citizens in Fairbanks and Anchorage under an agreement between Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and MFS Network Technologies Inc.

In support of the Western Governors' University project, Gov. Fife Symington appointed a special task force to design and implement higher education degree offerings in information technology.

The Department of Human Services awarded a multi-million dollar contract to BDM Technologies Inc. to upgrade its mainframe-based computer systems to client/server and Internet systems.

The Redwood City Police Department completed the first phase of testing Trilon Technology's Gunshot Location System. When a gunshot is fired, acoustic sensors transmit impulses from gunfire via phone lines to computers. In less than a minute, a location is displayed on a computerized map so a dispatcher can immediately alert an officer in the area.

Mike Robinson, Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District, launched a Web page to let voters express their opinions on specific issues. The site at features a picture of the candidate and his views on flat tax, welfare reform, term limits and gay rights. Newsbytes

Connecticut eliminates duplicate welfare enrollment with a biometric identification system from the National Registry Inc. Client finger images, color photos and digitized signatures can now be entered into a central database. The Power of Positive Identification

Volunteer parents, students, teachers and computing and network professionals will celebrate NetDay96 by installing a network connecting Delaware's public and private schools to the Internet.

Using laptop computers with software from GTE and Cerulean Technology, the Lakeland Police Department can gain access to information about criminals, communicate silently during dangerous situations and combat auto theft.

The Office of Vital Records awarded a contract to Mantech for the design and implementation of an image records system. The system will store approximately 9 million birth certificates. Federal Sources Inc.

Hawaii's largest islands will be connected through a 300-mile undersea fiber-optic telecommunications system under an agreement between GTE Telecommunications Inc. and AT&T.

The Idaho Supreme Court Technology Committee is looking for a local law enforcement agency that can acquire the necessary equipment to serve as a pilot site for hand-held data-entry devices.

The Office of the Comptroller awarded a contract to AMS to develop a statewide accounting management system that will enhance access to information through data warehousing.

JobSource, Madison County's employment and training agency, installed One-Stop Career Centers in the county schools and libraries to help citizens research occupations, schools and financial aid sources. County News

Sixth-grade students at Galva-Holstein Middle School conversed with NASA engineers through its distance learning network. With Sony Electronics video cameras, the students discussed questions and used the information to build a model of Mars.

Johnson County selected PlanGraphics to implement a geographic information system for Water District No. 1, which provides water to almost 300,000 people.

The Child Support Enforcement Commission sponsors a Web page of Kentucky's Most Wanted Fathers at . The page features pictures and physical data of fathers who owe child support and a phone number for Web users to call with information.

On October 19, thousands of volunteers and parents will assist in connecting the state's schools to the Internet for Louisiana's NetDay.

The Education Network of Maine received an $850,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce
to assist and support 14 information technology projects, including access for rural schools, local governments and rural health care providers.

Gov. Parris N. Glendening launched the "Maryland Connected for Learning" initiative that will wire public schools to the Internet in time for the fall semester.

The Department of Transitional Assistance is undergoing a six-month pilot program with the National Registry Inc. to verify the use of finger imaging to enroll qualified participants in Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Food Stamp programs. The Power of Positive Identification

The Employment Security Commission installed a Periphonics interactive voice response system called MARVIN (Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network) to allow jobless workers to claim unemployment benefits by phone.

The Department of Administration launched "Plugging In" Minnesota Communities, a statewide outreach program to educate and inform communities on the use of information technology.

The Department of Public Safety awarded a contract to PRC to develop a fully integrated criminal history system, including automated fingerprint identification, law enforcement message switches and computerized criminal history files.

Public libraries can now apply for grants to help fund automation projects, including automating libraries still using a manual system, and upgrading libraries currently using an automated system.

Montana awarded a $25 million contract to BDM to develop an online integrated management information system that will determine eligibility and process applications for Aid for Families with Dependent Children.

The Department of Social Services will implement a new computer system called CHARTS (Children Have A Right To child Support). The system connects Nebraska to other states and court systems to help locate parents who are delinquent in child support payments.

Clark County received 13 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties, including an award for the Justice Court's reengineered criminal case document filing system.

New Hampshire
The State Library set a record when it logged its 67 millionth OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) interlibrary loan request. OCLC is a nonprofit computer library research organization that links more than 22,000 libraries.

New Jersey
The New Jersey Legislature has a new Website at that includes information on legislative bills, bill histories and the state Constitution.

New Mexico
Schools in Laguna participated in a Four Directions pilot project conducted by the U.S. Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to connect students on Indian reservations to the Internet. Microsoft contributed over $350,000 in software, computers and cash.

New York
The New York City Department of Probation selected Infotec Development Inc.'s Checkin, a kiosk-based automated probation reporting system, to automate the reporting of 35,000 offenders.

North Carolina
The Charlotte Chamber's
Information Technologies Council, Cedalion Education and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools have begun a pilot project offering technical computer training at two local high schools.

North Dakota
The University of North Dakota School of Medicine offers MedStar, a program that links the school to hospitals throughout the state and allows health care professionals to take continuing education courses at UND through an audio-video network.

The Department of Taxation selected Andersen Consulting to develop a new computer system that consolidates all taxpayers' demographic and financial information into a single database.

The city of Edmond selected PlanGraphics as a consultant for a geographic information system assessment and to develop a GIS implementation plan.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife offers a free online subscription of its weekly hunting, fishing and wildlife reports. To subscribe, send e-mail to . For a weekly recreation report, type subscribe recreport in body of message and leave subject
line blank. To receive news releases, type subscribe release and leave subject line blank. Additional instructions will be automatically mailed.

Lancaster County Prison uses a new computerized camera system to identify people through their irises. The IriScan Biometric Device takes a digital photo of a person's eye and stores it in memory. County News

Rhode Island
A 17-member Technology Task Force, formed this spring, will be preparing a report to be released in November that estimates how much it will cost Rhode Island to modernize and connect the state's computer system.

South Carolina
South Carolina will receive management support services, including local area networks, under an agreement between the General Services Administration Information Technology Services and Computer Data Systems Inc.

South Dakota
South Dakota installed Microtouch Systems Inc.'s Prospector Webstation at eight locations on the state's interstate highways and at Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park. With touchscreens, Prospector provides information on attractions, hours of operation, traveler services and historical sites.

Gov. Don Sundquist unveiled Tennessee's new Website at . Tennessee becomes one of the first states to establish a Website that includes all departments.

The McLennan County Clerk's Recording Department installed a new optical imaging system from Hart Information Services Inc. The new imaging hardware and software provides electronic storage, access and retrieval of county records and cash management.

Gov. Mike Leavitt recommended the names of 70 schools for Utah's 1995-96 Centennial Schools program. Centennial Schools receive funding for ongoing projects and are selected based on specific criteria, including the use of technology to deliver education.

A total of $225,000 was appropriated to assist K-12 schools in Vermont with distance learning projects. The grant award was a result of Gov. Dean's request for funding to the 1996 Legislature.

The Commonwealth of Virginia selected Federal Engineering Inc. to provide technical and management consulting services in the design of a Metropolitan Area Network for 300 state offices in the Richmond area.

Seattle is working with IBM and Automatic Data Processing Co. to implement a new human resource information system for employee information. The system upgraded the existing use of index cards to IBM's RS/6000 computer that uses ADP's HRison Client Server Series.

West Virginia
The Information Services and Communications Division of the Department of Administration developed a fiber-optic backbone system at the Capitol complex and a statewide digital network for telecommunications.

The Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) hired the Wisconsin Health Information Network to provide electronic signature technology to speed communications between physicians and DHFS in determining applicants' medical eligibility.

Gov. Jim Geringer unveiled a working prototype of the Western Governors' University. Wyoming is working with Utah and Arizona to develop a virtual university that will make higher education more accessible and affordable through the use of advanced technology.