Baldwin County awarded a contract to Woolpert to create a geographic information system and to provide digital and parcel mapping for the entire county.


Digital voice and video services will be available to citizens in Fairbanks and Anchorage under an agreement between Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and MFS Network Technologies Inc.


In support of the Western Governors' University project, Gov. Fife Symington appointed a special task force to design and implement higher education degree offerings in information technology.


The Department of Human Services awarded a multi-million dollar contract to BDM Technologies Inc. to upgrade its mainframe-based computer systems to client/server and Internet systems.


The Redwood City Police Department completed the first phase of testing Trilon Technology's Gunshot Location System. When a gunshot is fired, acoustic sensors transmit impulses from gunfire via phone lines to computers. In less than a minute, a location is displayed on a computerized map so a dispatcher can immediately alert an officer in the area.


Mike Robinson, Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District, launched a Web page to let voters express their opinions on specific issues. The site at features a picture of the candidate and his views on flat tax, welfare reform, term limits and gay rights. Newsbytes


Connecticut eliminates duplicate welfare enrollment with a biometric identification system from the National Registry Inc. Client finger images, color photos and digitized signatures can now be entered into a central database. The Power of Positive Identification


Volunteer parents, students, teachers and computing and network professionals will celebrate NetDay96 by installing a network connecting Delaware's public and private schools to the Internet.


Using laptop computers with software from GTE and Cerulean Technology, the Lakeland Police Department can gain access to information about criminals, communicate silently during dangerous situations and combat auto theft.


The Office of Vital Records awarded a contract to Mantech for the design and implementation of an image records system. The system will store approximately 9 million birth certificates. Federal Sources Inc.


Hawaii's largest islands will be connected through a 300-mile undersea fiber-optic telecommunications system under an agreement between GTE Telecommunications Inc. and AT&T.


The Idaho Supreme Court Technology Committee is looking for a local law enforcement agency that can acquire the necessary equipment to serve as a pilot site for hand-held data-entry devices.


The Office of the Comptroller awarded a contract to AMS to develop a statewide accounting management system that will enhance access to information through data warehousing.


JobSource, Madison County's employment and training agency, installed One-Stop Career Centers in the county schools and libraries to help citizens research occupations, schools and financial aid sources. County News


Sixth-grade students at Galva-Holstein Middle School conversed with NASA engineers through its distance learning network. With Sony Electronics video cameras, the students discussed questions and used the information to build a model of Mars.


Johnson County selected PlanGraphics to implement a geographic information system for Water District No. 1, which provides water to almost 300,000 people.


The Child Support Enforcement Commission sponsors a Web page of Kentucky's Most Wanted Fathers at . The page features pictures and physical data of fathers who owe child support and a phone number for Web users to call with information.


On October 19, thousands of volunteers and parents will assist in connecting the state's schools to the Internet for Louisiana's NetDay.


The Education Network of Maine received an $850,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce

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