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Lancaster County Prison uses a new computerized camera system to identify people through their irises. The IriScan Biometric Device takes a digital photo of a person's eye and stores it in memory. County News

Rhode Island

A 17-member Technology Task Force, formed this spring, will be preparing a report to be released in November that estimates how much it will cost Rhode Island to modernize and connect the state's computer system.

South Carolina

South Carolina will receive management support services, including local area networks, under an agreement between the General Services Administration Information Technology Services and Computer Data Systems Inc.

South Dakota

South Dakota installed Microtouch Systems Inc.'s Prospector Webstation at eight locations on the state's interstate highways and at Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park. With touchscreens, Prospector provides information on attractions, hours of operation, traveler services and historical sites.


Gov. Don Sundquist unveiled Tennessee's new Website at . Tennessee becomes one of the first states to establish a Website that includes all departments.


The McLennan County Clerk's Recording Department installed a new optical imaging system from Hart Information Services Inc. The new imaging hardware and software provides electronic storage, access and retrieval of county records and cash management.


Gov. Mike Leavitt recommended the names of 70 schools for Utah's 1995-96 Centennial Schools program. Centennial Schools receive funding for ongoing projects and are selected based on specific criteria, including the use of technology to deliver education.


A total of $225,000 was appropriated to assist K-12 schools in Vermont with distance learning projects. The grant award was a result of Gov. Dean's request for funding to the 1996 Legislature.


The Commonwealth of Virginia selected Federal Engineering Inc. to provide technical and management consulting services in the design of a Metropolitan Area Network for 300 state offices in the Richmond area.


Seattle is working with IBM and Automatic Data Processing Co. to implement a new human resource information system for employee information. The system upgraded the existing use of index cards to IBM's RS/6000 computer that uses ADP's HRison Client Server Series.

West Virginia

The Information Services and Communications Division of the Department of Administration developed a fiber-optic backbone system at the Capitol complex and a statewide digital network for telecommunications.


The Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) hired the Wisconsin Health Information Network to provide electronic signature technology to speed communications between physicians and DHFS in determining applicants' medical eligibility.


Gov. Jim Geringer unveiled a working prototype of the Western Governors' University. Wyoming is working with Utah and Arizona to develop a virtual university that will make higher education more accessible and affordable through the use of advanced technology.


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