A water main break or power outage in Dotham triggers AlphaPage SIM -- a paging software program from InfoRad -- to alert city staff.


Nearly 99 percent of Alaska's births are registered electronically since the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics installed a new electronic birth certificate system.


State-required truck credential checks are conducted electronically "on the fly" with Arizona's "Prepass" clearance system from Lockheed Martin IMS..


Clients eligible for the state's Women, Infants and Children program are located with mapping software from PROGIS.


Police officers in Gilroy and Los Altos can access a suspect's entire file on the road with GTE Mobilnet's Cellular Digital Packet Data network and public safety software from Software Corp. of America.


The University of Colorado celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program, the first graduate telecommunications program in the world.


The Department of Banking awarded a contract to CWC to implement an integrated information system using SYBASE and Powerbuilder.


Delaware added the Criminal Justice Council to its Web page at .


Police departments in Jacksonville utilize DATARADIO's RF modems and datalinking equipment in their mobile computing systems, allowing more officers to remain out on the street.


The Department of Transportation will relieve traffic congestion by informing motorists about freeway conditions with over 200 interactive kiosks from Wireless Technology Inc. in hotel lobbies, shopping centers and rail stations.


Based on their high rating in health care performance -- including the use of information systems -- three state community hospitals received full accreditation from the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.


The Information Technology Resource Management Council held its first meeting recently. The council was formally established through passage of House Bill 661 to maximize the use of information technologies throughout the state.


With Illinois' new Web site, COMPETE, at , manufacturers can access a database of technologies from the state's universities and colleges.


The city of Indianapolis and Marion County contracted with SCT for the operation, management and maintenance of information technology services. Fed Sources Inc.


Iowa Online Warrants and Articles Criminal Justice Information System offers criminal justice agencies access to information on wanted or missing persons, stolen property and criminal history records.


The city of Olathe selected PlanGraphics Inc. to complete a GIS needs assessment for a new pilot project.


The Kentucky Information Resources Management Commission has online: The Status of Electronic Mail as a Public Record, which defines electronic mail as a public record and outlines appropriate uses.


Louisiana contracted with Printrak International Inc. to implement its Automated Fingerprint ID system in the state's law enforcement agencies.


The University of Southern Maine now offers two new masters degree programs that include a telecommunications technology component. communique


The Maryland State Archives is helping to educate the public on the information highway as part of the Distant Learning Classroom, a program designed to help teachers and employees with the Internet.


Preliminary crime statistics for 1995 were released, showing a decline in crimes reported to the police. For the first time, statistics include data on an incident-based reporting system in place in 80 police departments.


The city of Burton uses Patriot, a Direct Recording Electronic System that allows voters to touch the candidates name or designate a "write in" candidate using a touch screen. IIMC News Digest

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