National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology

by / July 31, 1996
A water main break or power outage in Dotham triggers AlphaPage SIM -- a paging software program from InfoRad -- to alert city staff.

Nearly 99 percent of Alaska's births are registered electronically since the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics installed a new electronic birth certificate system.

State-required truck credential checks are conducted electronically "on the fly" with Arizona's "Prepass" clearance system from Lockheed Martin IMS..

Clients eligible for the state's Women, Infants and Children program are located with mapping software from PROGIS.

Police officers in Gilroy and Los Altos can access a suspect's entire file on the road with GTE Mobilnet's Cellular Digital Packet Data network and public safety software from Software Corp. of America.

The University of Colorado celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program, the first graduate telecommunications program in the world.

The Department of Banking awarded a contract to CWC to implement an integrated information system using SYBASE and Powerbuilder.

Delaware added the Criminal Justice Council to its Web page at .

Police departments in Jacksonville utilize DATARADIO's RF modems and datalinking equipment in their mobile computing systems, allowing more officers to remain out on the street.

The Department of Transportation will relieve traffic congestion by informing motorists about freeway conditions with over 200 interactive kiosks from Wireless Technology Inc. in hotel lobbies, shopping centers and rail stations.

Based on their high rating in health care performance -- including the use of information systems -- three state community hospitals received full accreditation from the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.

The Information Technology Resource Management Council held its first meeting recently. The council was formally established through passage of House Bill 661 to maximize the use of information technologies throughout the state.

With Illinois' new Web site, COMPETE, at , manufacturers can access a database of technologies from the state's universities and colleges.

The city of Indianapolis and Marion County contracted with SCT for the operation, management and maintenance of information technology services. Fed Sources Inc.

Iowa Online Warrants and Articles Criminal Justice Information System offers criminal justice agencies access to information on wanted or missing persons, stolen property and criminal history records.

The city of Olathe selected PlanGraphics Inc. to complete a GIS needs assessment for a new pilot project.

The Kentucky Information Resources Management Commission has online: The Status of Electronic Mail as a Public Record, which defines electronic mail as a public record and outlines appropriate uses.

Louisiana contracted with Printrak International Inc. to implement its Automated Fingerprint ID system in the state's law enforcement agencies.

The University of Southern Maine now offers two new masters degree programs that include a telecommunications technology component. communique

The Maryland State Archives is helping to educate the public on the information highway as part of the Distant Learning Classroom, a program designed to help teachers and employees with the Internet.

Preliminary crime statistics for 1995 were released, showing a decline in crimes reported to the police. For the first time, statistics include data on an incident-based reporting system in place in 80 police departments.

The city of Burton uses Patriot, a Direct Recording Electronic System that allows voters to touch the candidates name or designate a "write in" candidate using a touch screen. IIMC News Digest

The Intergovernmental Information Systems Advisory Council provides assistance for local governments interested in establishing LANs required to connect government to the state's telecommunications network.

The Department of Transportation contracted with SHL to develop a client/server-based Transportation Management Information System that provides timely information about state highways.

Missouri received $3.2 million to enhance crime-fighting efforts including crime lab upgrades and improving criminal history records.

The Department of Transportation and the Western Transportation Institute will implement a barrier free trade zone between Montana and Alberta, Canada. Using a transponder, vehicles will be screened without stopping at the border. Montana Transportation Planning Newsline

Gov. Ben Nelson signed the "One-Stop Shop" truck regulation bill as part of Nebraska's Transportation Efficiency Project, a state initiative to consolidate the functions of four state agencies under one division.

Clark County Public Works and the National Geodetic Survey are implementing GPS systems to improve their High Accuracy Reference Network stations that are used to study movement of the earth's surface.

New Hampshire
NH GRANIT is a cooperative project that serves the needs of state, regional and local government in the application of GIS. The Web site is located at: .

New Jersey
The Division of Motor Vehicles awarded a state procurement agreement to Lockheed Martin IMS for a new automated billing system to help manage its insurance surcharge program .

New Mexico
The New Mexico State Library received a $130,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to establish online access to archival research materials in Santa Fe.

New York
New York contracted with Andersen Consulting to electronically link every child welfare agency in the state as part of the Connections program, a statewide initiative that gives caseworkers easy access to background information about children, foster care and adoption services.

North Carolina
The Department of Corrections contracted with Printrak for an automated fingerprint and livescan system that identifies inmate and employee fingerprints at 11 remote sites. Fed Sources Inc.

North Dakota
Bismarck State College sent 17 classes through a fiber-optic network to high schools in the Western North Dakota area. The system has a link to the North Dakota Interactive Video Network. communique

The Columbus City Public Utilities Department contracted with UGC Consulting to implement VISION (Visual Information System Integrating Our Neighborhoods), a pilot project designed to serve public safety groups and to improve crime analysis, emergency response time and code enforcement.

The Department of Health is researching ways to improve trauma response with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for Telemedicine.

The Oregon Telecommunications Forum facilitates communication between industry and government at the local, regional and state levels. There is a Web site at .

The Philadelphia Police Department equipped police cruisers with laptop computers from Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile and software from PRC Public Sector Inc., to provide access to information before officers approach a house or vehicle.

Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Department of Health contracted with CWC to assist in developing the Rhode Island Children's Access Program. RICAP provides centralized data management, information, tracking and communications to ensure children receive state-mandated health screening and follow-up services.

South Carolina
In Kanawha County, high school students can access their school online thanks to donations from the U.S. Defense Department, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Information Agency. By law, 22 federal agencies can give their old computers to schools instead of government surplus. The Charleston Gazette

South Dakota
The Pennington County/Rapid City Emergency Center implemented a GIS system from The
Sidwell Co. to help dispatchers communicate pertinent site information to personnel and to help route vehicles.

Training began for 200 local educators participating in ConnecTEN, the K-12 Internet project that allows public schools access to the World Wide Web.

Houston Fire Department ambulances are equipped with computers from Lockheed Martin IMS and software from UCS Inc. The onboard technology electronically records patient information that can be routed to and from hospitals and to the department's central data processing center.

The Utah System of Higher Education Technology and Education Initiative received $10.5 million during the 1996 legislative session.

The Department of Employment and Training implemented a Periphonics Interactive Voice Response system to automate its job placement program. PeriGram

Norfolk selected PlanGraphics Inc. as a consultant to design a GIS system .

Bainbridge Island installed a LaserFiche electronic scanning and retrieval system from Archive Index Systems Inc. to route municipal records instantly and let users find what they are looking for through a simple word search.

West Virginia
WVNET (West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing) negotiated a volume purchase agreement with Autodesk for AutoCAD and 3DStudio software.

The Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin established electronic links to mobile donation sites with Blood Operations 2000, a new wireless computer system that allows mobile blood drive staff to access, verify and update volunteer records.

The Department of Education received one of six grants from the U.S. Department of Education to create a regional technology consortium. Wyoming is part of the Northwest Technology Consortium to improve staff development and technical assistance for K-12 teachers. communique