Alabama will conduct a feasibility test of an online EBT project for its Women, Infants and Children program that may determine further expansion into other states. WIC EBT Status Report


Alaska is receiving assistance from SEARCH to redesign an offense citation system used for state and local criminal justice information. Interface


Mesa law enforcement has instant access to criminal databases and Motor Vehicle Administration records with mobile computers and secure wireless data technology from Cellular One.


The Arkansas Supreme Court was added to the Arkansas Website at .


The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters selected GIS/Trans to implement a Map Creation System that will convert its CAD-based election maps to GIS format.


Denver Water contracted with ESRI to provide automated mapping/facilities management GIS applications and services.


Connecticut is scanning the index fingers of welfare recipients to prevent recipients from receiving benefits under more than one name or from more than one program.


Delaware is the newest member of the Electronic Parent Locator Network, the award-winning locate system that helps 12 other states track down child support evaders.


Dade County contracted with Lockheed Martin IMS to customize an electronic toll collection system, allowing motorists to pay tolls through an electronic transponder attached to their windshields.


Georgia passed the Internet Police Act, which makes it a misdemeanor for any person to falsely identify themselves on the Internet for the purpose of defrauding an individual or group. Newsbytes


Gov. Ben Ceytano requested $3 million in general obligation bonds to improve the Hawaii Interactive Television System, a statewide distance-education system that reaches more than 2,000 students through two-way video and audio capability.


The state Supreme Court ruled that personnel records exemption did not apply to names and resumes of applicants for a position on the Boise City Council, since the individuals were applying to become "public officials." Access Reports


The Village of Mt. Prospect contracted with The Sidwell Co. to provide photogrammetric mapping services.


Indianapolis implemented Tidemark Computer System's Permit Plan CS, which includes electrical licenses, master permits, plumbing and structural permits.


The Department of Natural Resources selected Wang to improve the department's management of air pollution documentation with imaging and workflow software.


Gov. Bill Graves appointed Stephan A. Hanvey to the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corp., which will be used to foster technological innovation.


The Louisville/Jefferson County Information Consortium and PlanGraphics Inc. completed a strategic review to develop an understanding of current and future GIS activities.


Local police and sheriffs' departments in Louisiana now have access to the Louisiana Law Enforcement Management System, which allows them to submit prisoner data to the state electronically. Interface


Lawmakers passed a bill that halts the spread of video gambling machines in Maine which would have been legal as a result of a court ruling last fall.


The Maryland Information Technology Center and the Maryland Technology Center Inc. will support a new K-12 resource center that will serve as a research hub and a focal point for teachers and technology vendors to combine their respective knowledge.


Cambridge selected Queues Enforth Development Inc. to implement CAD/Partner, a realtime, online computer-aided system fully equipped for joint-dispatching of police, fire and EMS units.


The University of Michigan signed an agreement with PeopleSoft Inc. to replace current financial, human resource and student information systems with client/server software applications.


The Department of Transportation released its Implementation

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