with Massachusetts inmates housed at the Dallas County Jail in Dallas, Texas.


Michigan State University now offers students and faculty members an opportunity to learn more about information technology resources, activities and directions during "Video Brown Bag" discussions. Students may attend the discussions live or watch the program over campus cable.


Dakota County awarded a contract to Intergraph Corp. to provide hardware and software for softcopy photogrammetry, which utilizes digital scanning of aerial photographs to create more accurate land base data. Professional Surveyor


The University of Mississippi uses Agile Network Inc.'s Atimizer switches for its campus network, which allows for automated moves, adds and changes so students can plug in their laptops anywhere on campus. Communications Week


The city of St. Peters installed NAVIGATOR 2000, an image-based document management system developed by I. Levy & Associates. The new system will be used to manage the processing of legal records, ordinances, resolutions and correspondence.


The Lambert St. Louis International Airport awarded a contract to USL Systems for its client/server accounting software.


Hospitals in Cambridge can now receive medical consultation from the University's Medical Center in Omaha and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota through a new two-way video room.


The Clark County Election Department developed a guide to the 1996 elections that is available on the Internet at .

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is implementing a new model for the delivery of health and human services. Using a single case manager, citizens can access a variety of information without going through multiple agencies.

New Jersey

The Department of Transportation awarded a contract to CACI International Inc. to develop and implement an international registration system for commercial vehicle fleets traveling in multiple jurisdictions.

New Mexico

Vista Middle School in Las Cruces joined a bulletin board service within the school's technology program that promotes the use of computers and electronic information in the classroom.

New York

The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications implemented Winstar Communications' Wireless Fiber service to protect its voice and data communications system from disasters and outages.

North Carolina

Wake County developed a new mobile data network using laptop computers, document imaging and radio technology. Now officers have instant access to accurate, current data on arrest records, investigative reports and file photos of crime suspects. County News

North Dakota

North Dakota developed an Advanced Weather Information System that helps farmers and ranchers make informed resource management decisions with weather data and "what if" scenarios. PTI Prism


The Ohio General Assembly selected Data Retrieval and If-Then-Else Inc. to create a complete client/server-based chamber automation system that will enable the Ohio House and Senate to directly access committee reports, calendars, agendas, bill status and journals.


The Department of Human Services was one of four government agencies to receive the Hewlett-Packard High Technology Application Award for its Improved Service project.


Oregon provides information on its procurement policies on information technology at the following Web site: .

The five-page policy has several features such as identifying specific procedures to be followed and their source. The RFP Report


The Department of Commerce initiated The Ben Franklin Partnership to help stimulate economic growth in Pennsylvania by building strategic relationships between the private sector, universities and government agencies.

Rhode Island

The Board of Governors is exploring sources for funding of a comprehensive information technology plan for the University of Rhode Island.

South Carolina

The University of South Carolina will be providing modem capability

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