The state of Alabama and Woolpert started a model GPS/GIS project designed to be a state-of-the-art facilities and property management GIS for the Alabama State Docks in Mobile.


The Alaska Aerospace Development, a public corporation developed by the state, is working with EOSAT in collecting optical satellite data of Alaska. A portable remote satellite sensing ground station was placed on the campus of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.


Flagstaff completed a new document imaging and retrieval system in City Hall. The LaserFiche imaging system, developed by Compulink Management Center, allows anyone to view a document on a TV monitor in City Hall or receive a printed copy.


The Arkansas Supreme Court is now available on their Web page at .


California's 10 largest public safety agencies selected the Warner Group to facilitate an effort to improve statewide radio communication systems. Participating agencies include the Department of Youth Authority, Department of Corrections and the Department of Transportation.


The city of Gunnison embarked on a new infrastructure plan that links all municipalities and provides information services to the community.


The state of Connecticut selected TouchView from Indentix Inc. for its statewide welfare recipient verification program.


New Castle County awarded a parcel mapping project to Analytical Surveys Inc. The project consists of converting approximately 39,000 tax parcels.


The state of Florida awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin IMS to help its Child Support Enforcement Program pursue deadbeat parents.


Order forms for the 1996 Olympic events are available on the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games' home page at .


The third of four sections in the trans-Pacific fiber- optic cable loop went into service, adding significant telecommunications services between the United States and Japan. Cables have been laid between the United States and Hawaii, from Hawaii to Guam and from Guam to Japan.


Gov. Phillip E. Batt released a report developed by his Info Tech '96 Task Force that calls for more authoritative oversight of IT public expenditures, creates a 14-member policy board and directs the Department of Administration to implement all state IT plans and policies.


The Illinois Department of Public Aid selected Transactive Corp. to negotiate a contract to provide equipment and services for a statewide EBT system.


Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith joined Systems and Computer Technology Corp. in signing an agreement for private management of the city and county's information services systems. The agreement will save taxpayers $26 million over seven years. With the savings, the city will fund enhanced public safety technology such as an integrated law enforcement system.


Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls are among nine cities selected by MCI Telecommunications Corp. and the American Library Association to receive financial aid to hook communities to the information superhighway. The primary public library will receive up to $30,000 to implement a technology-based project that will enhance the library's reference and information service.



The city of Salina offers a free community-wide education and information services network. SALNET provides an "electronic neighborhood" partnership of community organizations, schools and individuals via cable TV.


Wolfe County Public Schools, East Kentucky, can write and host Web pages for schools or related groups that don't have the ability themselves. Details listed at the following address .


Louisiana is one of 10 states operating on the EPLN (Electronic Parent Locator Network) System, an online database containing driver's license, employment, corrections and food stamp information from 12 states.

NASIRE Exchange.

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