National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

by / February 29, 1996
Mobile's Municipal Information System hosted a mini trade show and demonstrated COMPIS, a new police department computer system.

The State Telecommunications Information Council lifted a temporary moratorium on state agency purchases of Windows 95.

The Salt River Project, a multipurpose reclamation project serving over one million electric customers in Salt River Valley, selected Harris Controls, Distributive Automation Products, to automate a portion of the district's distribution system.

The state Telecommunications and Management Information Divisions are now housed in the same location.

To relieve traffic congestion in Los Angeles, Caltrans developed a system of broadcasting traffic patterns over cable TV, called "Freeway Vision."

Colorado Courts have a new home page at Court Technology Bulletin.

The Metropolitan District Commission in Hartford hired Applied Graphics Inc. to assist in streamlining map production from MDC's Arc/Info GIS. EQM.

The Office of Information Systems selected Security Dynamics Inc. for its access control system.

With the help of MCI, Southern Bell, PictureTel and Siemens Rolm, Florida Atlantic University has completed piloting a distance learning project connecting six campuses.

Twenty to 40 kiosks will be placed in Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport that will include information on real-time traffic, route guidance to specific points of interest, electronic yellow pages and an online airline guide. The Traveler.

The University of Hawaii has signed a contract with PeopleSoft Inc. for its client/server student administration application.

The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory and Science Applications International Corp. are working to develop a real-time simulation platform for nuclear power plant safety. Technology Access Reports.

Criminal, civil and traffic court case records will soon be available online at the county courthouse in DuPage, Kane, DeKalb and Kendall counties.

Indiana selected Innovative Archival Solutions Inc. to supply 12 Touchprint workstations to screen applications for staff positions on 10 gaming boats in conjunction with the Indiana State Police and the FBI.

The Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority awarded a contract to Transportation Management Solutions Inc. for its Auto-Trac Fleetservice GPS/AVL system.

The city of Emporia selected Western Air Maps Inc. to provide surveying support for digital mapping and GIS.

The Department of Education selected GDC to provide schools throughout Kentucky with access to the Internet at T1 speeds, connecting them to other school districts and providing access to over 35,000 libraries.

Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory awarded a contract to AG Communications Systems for its AT&T LIMS-plus software system to help automate manual case management and evidence tracking.

Maine signed a statewide agreement to standardize on SmartSuite, a productivity suite written for Windows 95 and cc:Mail, a LAN-based e-mail system. Both are provided by Lotus Development Corp.

Montgomery County implemented an Advanced Transportation System to monitor and control changing traffic conditions and make real-time traffic information available to the public. PTI Prism.

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority selected MFS Communications Co. Inc. to design, integrate and install an electronic toll collection system at the Boston Harbor Tunnels on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Detroit's Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation awarded a contract to Transportation Management Solutions to design, build and test an automatic vehicle location system.

Hennepin County developed an interactive, multilingual kiosk to deliver managed health care presentations to Spanish-speaking and special-needs clients. PTI Prism.

A computer link between the Mississippi Treasury and the bank that processes the majority of state warrants has been established to reduce costs.
The automation eliminates the physical steps that were required when processing warrants. NAST Review.

Missouri is now part of a regional Electronic Benefits Transfer program developed by Citibank and Lockheed IMS. Federal Sources Inc.

The Department of Administration signed a contract with US West to provide the state with transport services for the SummitNet project, a major expansion of the state's data communications network.

Nebraska's FileNet Optical Imaging System, developed by the Department of Vital Statistics, is now converting paper documents to optical disc storage.

Elko County -- the fifth largest in the United States at 17,000 square miles -- will develop a strategic plan for implementation of a geographic information system with the help of PlanGraphics Inc.

New Hampshire
A Reverse Technology Conference, sponsored by the Lab for New Ideas in Information Technology, will be held April 30 to May 2 in Concord. The conference will present to vendors, innovative ideas from state and local agencies.

New Jersey
More than 480 participating libraries in the Eastern New Jersey Regional Library Cooperative, called INFOLINK, will be able to access information via the Internet using the ImpactONLINE system provided by Auto-Graphics Inc.

New Mexico
The District Court in Albuquerque is now using CataLex, a software program that can instantaneously store, index and retrieve court reporter's stenographic notes. Court Technology Bulletin.

New York
The Erie County Department of Central Police Services in Buffalo purchased AG Communications Systems' AT&T LIMS-plus forensics software to automate case management and evidence tracking in 35 police departments in the county, including the Buffalo Police Dept.

North Carolina
The city of Raleigh, assisted by Graphic Data Systems Corp., upgraded its geographic information system database as part of the city's $1.2 million project expansion.

North Dakota
The Department of Human Services is embarking on a major reengineering project known as RESPOND (Reforming and Enhancing Services for the People of North Dakota), which includes a welfare program based on the prototype from Merced County, Calif.'s MAGIC system.

Lucas County awarded a contract to Analytical Surveys Inc. to scan the county's original tax maps and provide the data in raster format for use with the county's GIS.

The Oklahoma "Treasurer's Open Window" .is a new interactive home page from the state Treasurer's Office. NAST Review.

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office has a new Web page at with data on the Victims' Assistance Program. Court Technology Bulletin.

Northampton County contracted with SHL Systemhouse Inc.'s International Public Safety Group for the privatization of a countywide emergency communications center and E-911 system.

Rhode Island
Woonsocket-Harris Public Library received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help provide a full-time library literacy program coordinator to assist in training volunteers who help students use computers.

South Carolina
The South Carolina State Library home page is now on the Web at the following address: . The new home page includes information and services to members of the Assembly and employees of state agencies.

South Dakota
South Dakota has added the Division of Purchasing and Printing to their Bureau of Administration home page located at: .

Tennessee awarded EDS a five-year contract for the takeover, operation, maintenance and enhancement of the TennCare Management Information System. Federal Sources Inc.

The Human Resources Department in Dallas now has an automated Worker's Compensation system that reduces errors, inconsistencies and delays in on-the-job injury reporting. The system
also interfaces with payroll and personnel systems.

Utah joined Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Merced County, Calif., in a partnership agreement with Siemens Rolm Communications Inc. that will make it easier and more cost-effective for governmental entities to purchase telecommunications systems.

The Office of Child Support has received the completed Vermont Specific Child Support Training course which will be used to develop an interactive computer game to educate students on the financial responsibilities of having children. The course includes training on how to include animation, video and audio in courses developed by Authorware.

Virginia selected PRC Public Sector Inc. to provide computer-aided dispatch and radio consoles for the state's communication centers. The new system will interface with the Virginia Crime Information Network and the National Crime Information Center.

King County awarded a contract to Smartscan Inc. to perform GIS services including a conversion of 520,000 tax parcels, covering 2,300 square miles.

West Virginia
The FBI awarded a $100 million contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. to design a high-tech fingerprint ID system that will help West Virginia law enforcement agencies receive fingerprint matches overnight.

The Milwaukee Municipal Court has a new Web site at homepage.html>. The new site is sponsored by the National Center for State Courts which will provide a home page like this one for any state court free of charge. Court Technology Bulletin.

Wyoming has become the first state to implement a statewide desktop mapping software system in preparation for the 2000 census.