The automation eliminates the physical steps that were required when processing warrants. NAST Review.


Missouri is now part of a regional Electronic Benefits Transfer program developed by Citibank and Lockheed IMS. Federal Sources Inc.


The Department of Administration signed a contract with US West to provide the state with transport services for the SummitNet project, a major expansion of the state's data communications network.


Nebraska's FileNet Optical Imaging System, developed by the Department of Vital Statistics, is now converting paper documents to optical disc storage.


Elko County -- the fifth largest in the United States at 17,000 square miles -- will develop a strategic plan for implementation of a geographic information system with the help of PlanGraphics Inc.

New Hampshire

A Reverse Technology Conference, sponsored by the Lab for New Ideas in Information Technology, will be held April 30 to May 2 in Concord. The conference will present to vendors, innovative ideas from state and local agencies.

New Jersey

More than 480 participating libraries in the Eastern New Jersey Regional Library Cooperative, called INFOLINK, will be able to access information via the Internet using the ImpactONLINE system provided by Auto-Graphics Inc.

New Mexico

The District Court in Albuquerque is now using CataLex, a software program that can instantaneously store, index and retrieve court reporter's stenographic notes. Court Technology Bulletin.

New York

The Erie County Department of Central Police Services in Buffalo purchased AG Communications Systems' AT&T LIMS-plus forensics software to automate case management and evidence tracking in 35 police departments in the county, including the Buffalo Police Dept.

North Carolina

The city of Raleigh, assisted by Graphic Data Systems Corp., upgraded its geographic information system database as part of the city's $1.2 million project expansion.

North Dakota

The Department of Human Services is embarking on a major reengineering project known as RESPOND (Reforming and Enhancing Services for the People of North Dakota), which includes a welfare program based on the prototype from Merced County, Calif.'s MAGIC system.


Lucas County awarded a contract to Analytical Surveys Inc. to scan the county's original tax maps and provide the data in raster format for use with the county's GIS.


The Oklahoma "Treasurer's Open Window" .is a new interactive home page from the state Treasurer's Office. NAST Review.


The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office has a new Web page at with data on the Victims' Assistance Program. Court Technology Bulletin.


Northampton County contracted with SHL Systemhouse Inc.'s International Public Safety Group for the privatization of a countywide emergency communications center and E-911 system.

Rhode Island

Woonsocket-Harris Public Library received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help provide a full-time library literacy program coordinator to assist in training volunteers who help students use computers.

South Carolina

The South Carolina State Library home page is now on the Web at the following address: . The new home page includes information and services to members of the Assembly and employees of state agencies.

South Dakota

South Dakota has added the Division of Purchasing and Printing to their Bureau of Administration home page located at: .


Tennessee awarded EDS a five-year contract for the takeover, operation, maintenance and enhancement of the TennCare Management Information System. Federal Sources Inc.


The Human Resources Department in Dallas now has an automated Worker's Compensation system that reduces errors, inconsistencies and delays in on-the-job injury reporting. The system

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