also interfaces with payroll and personnel systems.


Utah joined Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Merced County, Calif., in a partnership agreement with Siemens Rolm Communications Inc. that will make it easier and more cost-effective for governmental entities to purchase telecommunications systems.


The Office of Child Support has received the completed Vermont Specific Child Support Training course which will be used to develop an interactive computer game to educate students on the financial responsibilities of having children. The course includes training on how to include animation, video and audio in courses developed by Authorware.


Virginia selected PRC Public Sector Inc. to provide computer-aided dispatch and radio consoles for the state's communication centers. The new system will interface with the Virginia Crime Information Network and the National Crime Information Center.


King County awarded a contract to Smartscan Inc. to perform GIS services including a conversion of 520,000 tax parcels, covering 2,300 square miles.

West Virginia

The FBI awarded a $100 million contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. to design a high-tech fingerprint ID system that will help West Virginia law enforcement agencies receive fingerprint matches overnight.


The Milwaukee Municipal Court has a new Web site at

homepage.html>. The new site is sponsored by the National Center for State Courts which will provide a home page like this one for any state court free of charge. Court Technology Bulletin.


Wyoming has become the first state to implement a statewide desktop mapping software system in preparation for the 2000 census.


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