Nov 95

Vendors: Maxi Switch Inc., Pacific Internet, Numonics Corp., Polaroid Corp., Rittal Corp., Sony Electronics Business and Professional Products Group, Recognition International Inc., 3M Traffic and Personal Safety Products Group, Monarch Marking Systems, Symbol Technologies Inc., Bayview Technology Inc.

Programmable Keyboard The ProKey 124 is a fully programmable, 124-key computer keyboard designed for data input-intensive applications. The product is designed for IBM AT, PS/2 and IBM-compatible PCs. Featuring a built-in microprocessor, the keyboard automatically senses the system it is plugged into, eliminating the need for user configuration. ProKey's on-board intelligence also makes it completely software-independent. It doesn't consume any system memory because it features its own non-volatile internal memory. The product's programmability allows customization for each application and user. Macro keys allow a user to program any key to do in a single keystroke what would normally require many keystrokes. Maxi Switch Inc., 2901 E. Elvira Rd., Tucson, AZ 85706. 602/294-5450.

Web-in-a-Box Web-in-a-Box is a turnkey Internet server solution that enables users to immediately configure a complete online corporate-wide communications server or establish a site on the World Wide Web. The open architecture, Intel Pentium-driven, UNIX-based Web-server system comes complete with all necessary hardware and software to establish one or more Web sites and set up home pages that can be accessed by Internet users worldwide. Fully configured, the server can easily handle up to 250,000 hits per day and 50 hits per minute. Pacific Internet, 600 Corporate Pointe, Suite 100, Culver City, CA 90230-7607. 310/410-9700.

Presentations Interactive Presentation Manager (IPM) is an electronic multimedia whiteboard and associated software that, when linked to a computer, replaces a projection screen and whiteboard used for traditional presentations, remote learning, and real-time exchange of information between other computers at remote locations. IPM's non-reflective matte surface allows you to use it as a high-quality projection screen, eliminating the need for an additional screen in the meeting room. When used with a standard LCD projection panel, overhead projector and presentations software, IPM's electronic marking pen allows you to annotate your presentation or simply advance through your presentation without having to touch your computer. Numonics Corp., 101 Commerce Dr., Box 1005, Montgomeryville, PA 18936. 215/362-2766.

Computerized ID The ID-4000 for Windows is a computerized security identification system offering digital security imaging technology, tremendous flexibility and control. It electronically captures portraits, signatures and other data in one place for instant retrieval, updating, badge issue and reissue. The system enables users to customize ID cards and stored databases for multiple levels of security. The ID-4000's open architecture means it can easily become part of a wider security or database network. Polaroid Corp., 575 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02012. 617/577-2000.

Telecommunications Rack The Telecommunications Rack meets the demands of public and private communication networks. The rack consists of four sealed, torsion-resistant aluminum frame sections as well as a top and bottom frame made of sheet steel, which are bolted together and feature an electronically conductive connection. A flat-pack version assures easy installation when space is at a premium. Extension capabilities using metric and inch-formatted sections are easily added, as are accessories such as cable clamps and guide rails. Leveling feet and a grounding kit are also included. Rittal Corp., One Rittal Place, Springfield, OH 45504. 800/477-4000.

Videodisc Player The MDP-1700AR Multi Disc Player is a videodisc player for professional multimedia applications that provides auto reverse dual-sided playback capabilities. The player allows someone to view both sides of a disc in sequence without removing it from the player, which enhances productivity by eliminating the down-time involved in removing a disc in order to view the other side. When using the MDP-1700AR, side selection can be made remotely by pressing a button on the infrared barcode reader or through a quick computer command. Sony Electronics Business and Professional Products Group, 1 Sony Dr., Park Ridge, NJ 07656. 800/472-SONY.

Moving Data Plexus FloWare software provides a set of

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