network services which allow the movement of data (including text, video and images) between applications or activities according to user-defined workflow maps. The product is designed to support client/server production workflow environments. FloWare features distributed processing capabilities over multiple servers, new application programming interface function calls, an updated Mapbuilder application and other features and enhancements. Recognition International Inc., 2701 E. Grauwyler Rd., Irving, TX 75061. 214/579-6905.

Tamper-Proof ID The DI 2500 is a unique card system that makes tampering and altering virtually impossible. The card system can be used for driver's licenses, military and government IDs, employee badges, etc. The card contains no adhesives - the top layer is thermally fused to the bottom layer to create a single sheet. The DI 2500 features a security image that changes in intensity when tilted. This effect is not possible to duplicate or simulate, and attempts to photocopy can be easily detected. 3M Traffic and Personal Safety Products Group, P.O. Box 33225, St. Paul, MN 55133-3225. 800/328-7098.

Bar Code Printer The Pathfinder Ultra RF Printer is a portable bar code printing system that integrates bar code printing, laser bar code scanning and spread spectrum radio frequency data communications capabilities in a handheld computing device. The device includes the Symbol Spectrum One PCMCIA radio card and the Symbol SE 1000 Scan Engine. The Spectrum One radio card fits into a standard PCMCIA slot designed on the Pathfinder Ultra RF printer and brings wireless LAN real-time data transaction capabilities. The SE 1000 Scan Engine offers high-performance, non-contact scanning, low power consumption and easy integration. Monarch Marking Systems, P.O. Box 608, Dayton, OH 45401. 513/865-2099.

Public Safety Partner The PPT 4600 Series Portable Pen Computer has an integrated scanner and can be used for public safety applications ranging from foot patrol and mobile law enforcement to commercial vehicle and customs inspection to fire and emergency medical services. DOS and Windows development tools allow applications to be created easily and effectively. Violation codes, inspection procedures and more can be programmed to appear on pull-down windows. Pen-based data entry capabilities capture meter, badge and DOT numbers as well as signatures and free-hand drawings. And with 1-D bar code and PDF417 scanning as well as magnetic stripe reading capabilities, the PPT 4600 ensures all your data capture needs are met. Symbol Technologies Inc., 116 Wilber Place, Bohemia, NY 11716. 800/SCAN 234.

Energy Efficient Printers The LaserMiser XIO is a hardware accessory that reduces the yearly energy consumption of networked laser printers by as much as 93 percent, while extending their usable lifetime. The product is specifically designed for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet II, IID, III, or IIID printers that connect directly to a network through a card installed inside the printer. LaserMiser XIO saves energy by keeping the networked printer's AC power turned off except when needed. The network interface remains powered and ready while the printer's power is off, so network users still see the printer as online and available for use. When a job arrives, LaserMiser re-powers the printer and forwards the job, which prints with only a brief delay in the output of the first page. Bayview Technology Group Inc., 35 Bayview Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070. 415/592-9664.

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