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Product News

by / June 30, 1995
July 1995

Kiosk Review

"The Kiosk Connection - One Stop Shopping for Government Services" is a new report from Summit Research Associates Inc. The publication includes information on just about every kiosk system developed for state, local and federal government.

To compile the report, the writers spent over two years visiting and testing kiosk systems throughout the world. The report contains solid data, cost estimates and recommendations that state and local governments can use to help them pick a system that would best meet their needs.

Summit Research Associates Inc., 7728 Warbler Ln, Rockville, MD 20855-1034. 301/670-0980.

Teleconferencing Services

ITC's Video Teleconferencing services provide both standards-based and proprietary-based multipoint video bridging services for companies of any type. All customers need is codec equipment - ITC supplies the rest.

Communications coordinators at ITC manage every video conference to ensure that each conference is trouble-free. Additional services include calling or sending a fax to all participants inviting them to attend the conference, dialing out to every site on the conference to establish the network connection, conducting a roll call of all participants, monitoring of the conference for audio and video quality and complete end-to-end diagnostic services.

ITC, 4600 S. Ulster St., 5th Floor, Denver, CO 80237. 800/685-1995.

Desktop Conferencing

The VTEL 115S and 117S are desktop conferencing systems that combine powerful desktop computers with built-in videoconferencing features. The systems use standard Intel ProShare Premier Personal Conferencing Software that includes sophisticated functions such as interactive application sharing and electronic whiteboard capabilities in the same bandwidth.

The interactive conferencing software features a Picture-in-Picture window that can be independently sized and positioned anywhere on screen, as well as a customizable graphical user interface with easy-to-understand icons. Transmission rates of up to 384 Kbps provide high-quality motion and outstanding clarity. Connections for headphones and headsets give users privacy even in a busy office environment.

VTEL Corp., 108 Wild Basin Rd., Austin, TX 78746. 512/314-700.

Technical Computing Environment

MatLab is a powerful, comprehensive environment for performing technical computations. It provides engineers, scientists and other technical professionals with a single interactive system that integrates numeric computation and scientific visualization.

MatLab features numeric computation, graphics and visualization, a high-level programming language and application toolboxes for exploring, analyzing, designing, prototyping and solving complex and challenging technical problems.

The Math Works Inc., 24 Prime Park Wy, Natick, MA 01760. 508/653-1415.

GIS Applications

Mapping Office is an integrated suite of geographic applications supporting DOS/Windows and Microsoft Windows NT. Mapping Office, consisting of MicroStation Version 5, MGE-PC Version 2, I/RASC, I/RASB and I/GEOVEC, serves the mapping community by providing open, shareable and nonproprietary data formats.

Intergraph Corp., Huntsville, AL 35894-0014. 205/730-8302.

Writing Photo CDs at the Desktop

Build-It Photo CD Portfolio disc production software now makes it possible to author Photo CD Portfolio II discs at desktop computers. The new format provides a single disc type to meet the needs of customers in pre-press, presentation, image archiving and other applications.

The software can convert images from many graphic image formats - such as BMP, TIFF and PICT files - to the Image Pac file format, which is widely accepted as a standard for working with images on computers. Color management tools are provided to ensure consistent color when converting images from the Photoshop RGB or CIELAB color spaces. Discs used for image archiving and distribution can be viewed on different computer platforms or on television.

Eastman Kodak Co., 901 Elmgrove Rd., Rochester, NY 14653-5200. 800/23-KODAK.

Telephony-Enabled Office Automation

Phonetastic is a product that seamlessly integrates with most popular contact management systems as well as common applications such as word processors and spread-sheets to provide better workgroup productivity and customer service.

Phonetastic incorporates a sophisticated rule-based mechanism, criteria-weighting and call and message routing technology. It employs strings of rules which operate automatically to enable those receiving in-bound calls to know who is calling, and to set up tests to determine whether the caller should be routed to their personal sales representative or to the direct sales pool, receive high-priority treatment, receive a fax-back or any number of other options.

SoftTalk Inc., 85 Wells Ave., Suite 200, Newton, MA 02159. 617/482-5333.