Product News

Product News

by / May 31, 1995
June 95

E-Mail Software

FreeMail is a wide area network e-mail software that only requires one computer, one modem and a single phone line. It allows any one stand-alone PC to exchange unlimited e-mail and files with any other PC.
FreeMail offers more than a dozen features on one disk, including file and message encryption, built-in security, automatic file transfer systems and automatic file compression.

FreeMail Inc., 2504 West Main, Suite K, P.O. Box 1656, Bozeman, MT 59771-1656. 406/586-4200.

GIS Database

Oracle7 MultiDimension is a product that will allow corporations to manage both spatial and attribute data within a single relational database. The product will make it possible to build enterprise-wide decision support systems around a common database architecture capable of handling all types of information: structured, text, images, video, audio and spatial.
Oracle7 MultiDimension features a new datatype; HHCODE (Helical Hyperspatial Code), which replaces external indexes; spatial extensions to SQL and dynamic data partitioning.

Oracle Corp., 500 Oracle Parkway, Redwood Shores, CA 94065. 415/506-4176.

Capture Board

FlexCap is a new video camera/capture board that mounts directly into the drive-bay of a PC, providing a "zero footprint" camera for the desktop. FlexCap supports a second camera head for applications where two video inputs are required. Each of the camera heads uses a high-resolution 1/3" color CCD with 8, 16 or 24 bits per pixel and provides digital pan/tilt at CIF or QCIF resolution.
Each camera head has two microphones enabling audio to be passed through the system directly to a third party sound card.

VideoLabs, 10925 Bren Road East, Minneapolis, MN 55343. 612/988-0055.

ISDN Modem

The ZyXEL Elite Series ISDN modems provide ISDN and V.34 transmission capabilities in a single device. The modems have the ability to bundle two B Channels for up to 128Kbps and higher with V.42bis compression. An analog adapter enables users to maintain telephone, fax or modem connections for simultaneous analog and digital transmission.
The modem also features ADPCM voice digitization with speech compression, 4MB flash EPROM memory for easy upgrades, automatic data/fax/voice call detection, computer telephony, call-back security with password protection, asynchronous/synchronous modes, caller ID, distinctive ring, fast retrain with auto fall-forward/fall-back and remote configuration capability.

ZyXEL, 4920 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807. 714/693-0808.

Video Telesurveillance

Remote Watch-Pro is a PC-based video Telesurveillance system that allows security professionals to record live video for immediate transmission to a receiver unit using standard telephone lines.
Remote Watch-Pro captures full-color video, allows remote monitoring of up to 32 cameras, and features user-selectable controls for camera selections and picture quality. The product can be programmed to display and record a single camera view or up to eight camera views on a single personal computer screen. The system also features an auto cycle mode that allows users to define the length of time that a single camera view is displayed before switching to another camera.

Alpha Systems Lab (ASL), 2361 McGraw Ave., Irvine, CA 92714. Call 800/576-4ASL.

Fax Modem

DataRex is an easy-to-use, rugged 14.4 send/receive PCMCIA Type II Data/Fax Modem that features the MNP 10 error correction protocol for trouble-free transmission under the most adverse line conditions - including cellular connections and remote locations. DataRex supports all popular PCMCIA Type II-compliant notebooks and subnotebooks by including both card and socket services software and enabling utilities. The product includes DOA and Windows drivers for easy installation.
Kingston Technology Corp., 17600 Newhope St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708. 800/337-8410.


OmniPage Professional 5.0 is a new version of optical character recognition software for Macintosh systems. A new toolbar simplifies how users control the OCR workflow, providing one-click simplicity for novice users as well as quick access to a broad range of high-end features. As a result, users can accurately scan and recognize complex batches of forms and compound documents (pages with graphics and text) in far less time than previously possible.
OmniPage Professional software includes code for both 68000-based Macintosh and PowerMac computers. The installer automatically detects the type of computer and installs the correct code.

Caere Corp., 100 Cooper Ct., Los Gatos, CA 95030. 408/395-7000.

CD Phone Directory

Home Phone is a two CD-ROM set that lists approximately 90 percent of all residential phone numbers that appear in U.S. phone directories. The CDs can be searched by name, address, ZIP code, area code or phone number and wild cards can be used for a search as well. The CDs contain over 72 million residential listings and work on DOS, Windows or Macintosh.
Maplinx Lite for Windows is accessory software that permits Windows users to also map the location of the names which fit the search criteria.

Pro CD Inc., 222 Rosewood Dr., Danvers, MA 01923-4520. 508/750-0000.

Secure Modem

The AX400 is a pocket-sized V.32 bis modem with dial data rates to 14.4K bps. It features built-in security and generates new, complex passwords for communication sessions in response to the user's entry of a PIN. In addition to theft-proof passwords, the product also uses DES encryption technology to make transmitted data unintelligible to eavesdroppers.
Information Resource Engineering Inc., 8029 Corporate Dr., Baltimore, MD 21236. 410/931-7500.