+++Going Surfing

"Surfing the `Net: A Local Government Guide to Internet Connection" is a new book from Public Technology Inc., a non-profit technology organization for local governments. The guide, written by Shaden Tageldin, will help promote understanding of the options and implications of local government connection to the Internet. It explores what the Internet is, why your city or county might connect to the `net, what kind of connection it might want, and how it might provide services on the Internet.

Copies of the guide are available through PTI's Publications Center 301/490-2188.

Mobile Computing

Fieldpack Mobile Professional is a portable, all-in-one mobile computing software package that automates field data collection, storage and retrieval for immediate geographic analysis. The application integrates the functionality of field data collection gear like clipboards, forms, maps, cameras, pens, laptops and even a global positioning system receiver into a single, convenient package.

Mobile workers can now display data spatially - complete with maps, images, text and notes - as they collect, correct and verify field data. This creates a detailed electronic record of a field station that can be retrieved, viewed and updated to instantly document changes in status.

All Points Software, 1100 University Ave., Rochester, N.Y., 14607. 716/461-3182.

Instant ID

Identi-Kit III advanced facial composite software is specifically designed to help law enforcement officers identify and apprehend criminals. It provides on-site initial facial composites in minutes, while a suspect is still fresh in a witness or victim's mind. It features a comprehensive database of over 600 multi-racial facial features for both men and women. With computer-enhanced imaging tools such as scaling, blending, moving, reversing, shading and painting the user can customize to achieve more accurate facial composites. When facial composites are completed, law enforcement officers can distribute the composite nationwide with the use of an internal fax modem or store the image in memory for future reference.

Identi-Kit Co. Inc., 2100 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield, MA 01102-2208. 413/747-3289.

+++Local Government Guide to Imaging

"The Local Government Guide to Imaging Systems: Planning and Implementation" is a new book published by PTI and ICMA that helps local officials implement imaging systems that address their jurisdictions' unique records management needs. Full of information and insight on technical, policy and management issues, the guidebook incorporates the expertise of 12 local governments and six private firms. The guide was written by Government Technology Contributing Editor Tod Newcombe.

To order, call the PTI Publications Center at 301/604-0158.

Notebook Power

The AER Energy PowerPro battery will run for up to 15 hours without recharging. The zinc-air accessory battery, which relies on oxygen from the atmosphere to generate electricity, is custom-designed for most of the Toshiba America Information Systems family of notebook computers.

The AER Energy PowerPro doesn't need to be fully discharged before recharging, because it doesn't suffer from memory effect. The battery also has extremely low self-discharge, so it can hold a charge over long periods of time. The PowerPro lasts approximately five times longer than before.

AER Energy Resources Inc. , 4600 Highlands Pkwy., Ste. G, Smyrna, GA 30082. 404/433-2127.

Portable Pentium

The Regal/Multimedia/P90 is the first 90MHz Pentium-based portable PC. The PC features a 10-inch active matrix TFT color screen, 8MB of RAM, 512K RAM cache, 1.44MB floppy disk drive, 420MB hard disk drive, VL-bus hard disk controller and video card, Toshiba CD-ROM drive, MediaVision Spectrum 16 sound card, a pair of powered stereo speakers, DOS 6.21 and Windows 3.1 installed.

A switchable 180-W power supply is included, as well as a durable carrying bag.

Micro Express, 1801 Carnegie Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705. 714/852-1400.

Slot Board Pentium

The MSC-252 is a new Pentium-based PCI/

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