e., just as voters must not remain hidden, so also must those who request voter information be disclosed! Details of requests for batches of voter information based on selection criteria - e.g., all Democrats registered in the last six months in a specified ZIP-code range - would be included with the requester's id data. The independent, cooperating file servers might also automatically "seed" each such request with inconsequential name and address variations, unique to the request, that allow cooperating recipients to identify the origin of mailing pieces and phone calls coming from that list - a standard process used by commercial list purveyors to identify and prosecute prohibited use. When data about individual voters is requested - e.g., suspicious citizens independently checking allegations about "graveyard," out-of-district or otherwise-unqualified registrants - the requester data should include the names of each voter requested, and complete details of the request should be automatically e-mailed by the file server to each named voter or their designee, for voters who provide such e-mail addresses. There should be prominent notice to requesters that list-seeding and voter notification may be used. Democracy and freedom required that all of those who seek political power - both advocates and voters - must remain identifiable to those whom their decisions will impact. Jim Warren is serving on the California Secretary of State's Electronic Filings Advisory Panel. The panel is mandated to submit recommendations to the state Legislature by the end of the year on how to implement computerized filing of campaign financial disclosures and lobbyist reports, and provide public access to them. He wrote the original generic plan for low-cost implementation. Jim Warren received the James Madison Freedom of Information Award, the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award in its first year. He founded the Computers, Freedom & Privacy conferences and InfoWorld magazine. Warren lives near Woodside, Calif. E-mail: jwarren@well.com.