Bandits on the Information Superhighway

Bandits on the Information Superhighway

by / April 30, 1995
Product Watch
May 95

Security and Privacy
The Office of Technology Assessment report "Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments" is now available. The report focuses on the concerns that have multiplied in recent years as unclassified information on networks -- like electronic transactions and records -- have become central to everything from commerce and tax records to health care.

In the report, OTA examines and offers policy options for congressional consideration on cryptography policy, safeguarding unclassified information in federal agencies, and legal issues and information security including electronic commerce, privacy and intellectual property.

Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7974. Or call 202/512-0132. Request stock number 052-003-01387-8.

Flood CD
The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Insurance Rate Map, which identifies potential flood hazards, is now available on CD-ROM. The CD provides illustration of flood insurance studies identifying 48 special flood hazard areas in 19 states.

1,000 CD-ROM discs are available at no cost for evaluation and comment.

FIRM-DLG Beta Release CD-ROM, Harvard Design and Mapping Company Inc., 30 Spinelli Place, Cambridge, MA 02138. Fax 617/868-6855.

Video Surveillance
The IK-627A is a 1/3 color CCD camera with auto backlight compensation. The product is designed for commercial, industrial and residential CCTV security applications and allows for monitoring, recording and printing in high-resolution color.

The IK-627A has been optimized with Toshiba's 1/3 auto CCD imaging element to deliver 330-line horizontal x 350-line vertical resolution. Crisp color images are ensured even at minimum illumination. The camera supports all CS-mount lenses and operates on 24V AC with line lock.

Toshiba America Consumer Products Inc., Video Communications and Information Systems, CCTV Group, 82 Totowa Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470. 201/628-8000, ext. 2288.

Access Control
Compusafe Network provides access control for large, dial-in networks with 50 or more modems. A narrow hidden gateway shields the network, denies modem tone and screens each access attempt before the call is answered. The authorized user is connected and provided direct access, while an unauthorized caller is blocked and disconnected to prevent damage, theft or corruption.

Transaction records provide an audit trail on each access and access attempt. Traffic reports provide statistics on line and modem use. The system is compatible with all modem and communications software environments.

Quality Telecommunications Inc., 113 S. Main St., Nazareth, PA 18064. 610/759-8644.

Notebook Computer Protection
The Light Traveler NB-1000 series is a light weight case for notebooks or subnotebooks made of two walls of tough polyethylene uniquely fabricated to absorb damaging bangs and knocks. The case weighs just three pounds and includes modular foam strips and cubes that allow you to customize the interior to hold your computer and accessories firmly in place.

A seamless double-shell traps an air cushion core that insulates against sharp temperature changes.

Doublecase Corp., 967 Elkton Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80907. 719/531-5535. 800/475-0707.

Fraud Detection
The Financial Crime Investigator is a PC program that helps detect and prove contract and procurement fraud. It is the first program of its kind to use "expert systems" technology to guide an investigator through a complicated fraud or corruption case in a fraction of the time previously required. The system uses artificial intelligence techniques to identify contract fraud indicators, convert them to possible schemes, identify the various remedies and suggest the steps necessary to conclude the case.

The Financial Crime Investigator contains the knowledge, experience, research and advice of forensic accountants, financial investigators and legal experts in the field. It is intended for accountants, auditors, financial investigators and others with fraud control responsibilities.

Anthem Corp., 12020 Sunrise Valley Dr., Suite 200, Reston, VA 22091. 703/620-1212.

Superhighway Guide
"A Guide to the Information Superhighway" is a new CD-ROM designed to help tap the potential opportunities offered by new technology and help understand the possible costs and benefits.

The CD-ROM includes features such as a glossary, results from ICMA's telecommunications survey, video clips from the national teleconference on local governments' role in the NII, legislation identifying current and pending FCC regulations and many other things useful to state and local government.

ICMA, 777 N. Capitol St., N.E., Suite 500, Washington, D.C., 20002-4201. 800/745-8780.

Enhanced UPS System
The Opti-UPS 250E and Opti-UPS 400E are new uninterruptable power supply battery back-up systems for computer monitors, CPUs, networks, tape drives and other peripherals. Advanced features include 'buck and boost' line conditioning that will buck (step down) over-voltage or boost (step up) under-voltage line conditions.

An advanced interface monitors input/output voltage current, frequency and battery voltage. Both Opti-UPS E-series models also incorporate a site fault wiring indicator to inform the user of any potentially hazardous wiring.

Opti-quest Inc., 20490 Business Parkway, Walnut, CA 91789. 909/468-3750.