Where Everything and Everyone Is

CensusCD Blocks provide complete demographic and housing data and map boundaries for all 7 million-plus census blocks nationwide. The data comes on CD-ROM, and is accessible via mapping software. Users can quickly and easily see demographics at the most granular level of census geography. It integrates detailed population and housing information with TIGER map boundaries, detailing every land and water block in the country. It provides a cost-effective solution for government, business, library and academic users who need instant access to statistics and map boundaries at a level more detailed than mere ZIP-code or block-group data. CensusCD Blocks also include complete software for non-GIS users, giving them thematic mapping, query capability and statistical tools.

Additional information is available by contacting GeoLytics Inc. at 800/577-6717.


Top Chopper

The U.S. Coast Guard is using the HV-609, a tilt-rotor aircraft designed to mix the speed of a turboprop airplane with the landing capability of a helicopter. The 609 hits speeds up to 275 knots and can range up to 750 nautical miles. It flies just fine over land, too. The aircraft seats up to nine people and is suited for medical transportation, surveillance, training, etc. It requires two crewmembers, and the cabin measures 17.5 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet.

Additional information is available by contacting Bell Helicopters at 817/280-2011.


With This Ring, I Thee Pay

The iButton computer chip embedded in a 16mm stainless-steel MicroCan ring is capable of holding a user's identification and storing cash value for small transactions, among many other tasks. The iButton can be attached to a badge, key chain or watch and is well-suited to a variety of portable applications -- interfacing with desktop, laptop and hand-held computers, as well as controlling access to buildings, vehicles, PCs and other pieces of equipment. Information can be transferred between the iButton and other systems when the user simply touches the ring to a receptor or probe. Information is transferred at up to 142Kbps. Developed by Dallas Semiconductor, the iButton can withstand impact, moisture, dirt, cold and chemicals.

Additional information is available by contacting Dallas Semiconductor at 972/371-4448.


An Easy Pill to Swallow

NASA, in cooperation with the Fetal Treatment Center at the University of California, San Francisco, is developing a "pill transmitter" capable of monitoring expectant mothers and their fetuses following corrective fetal surgery. The device can be implanted in a mother's womb to transmit body temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs to physicians. It is one-third of an inch across and just over an inch long. NASA is planning to develop a smaller version that can be swallowed by astronauts to track their vital signs during space travel.

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Making the Web Count

Perseus Survey Solutions allows users to create professional surveys and post them on the Web or distribute them via e-mail. It automatically collects responses, analyzes the results and instantly produces effective presentations. Users can easily create and modify questionnaires in a word-processing environment. It includes survey-design tablets, a question library, support for displaying live Web results and an automated posting process. Typical applications include employee and program measurement, course evaluations, Web-site feedback, product-concept testing, etc.

According to the company, the product has completed more than 1 million surveys. It costs $179.

Additional information is available by contacting Perseus Development Corp. at 781/848-8100


Z1 2 Have

The NEC Z1 has the smallest space requirement of any desktop computer on the market. The Z1's "engine" -- processor, motherboard, memory and other key hardware -- is housed in a slim, integrated chassis located behind the 15-inch active-matrix TFT XGA flat-panel display.

Z1 features a 450MHz Intel Pentium III processor, 8.4GB hard drive, 96MB of SDRAM, multimedia keyboard, DVD-ROM drive, 8MB of video RAM and built-in speakers. Its two-tone metallic chassis weighs about 20lbs. It costs about $2,499.

Additional information is available by contacting NEC Technologies