connectivity, just like everyone else," he said. Lindner has faith that, thanks to the Telecommunications Reform Act passed in Florida just prior to passage of the federal deregulation bill, the private sector will begin to provide bandwidth even to rural areas. "It may have to be mandated by the state," he remarked. "But I really think there's a good opportunity there."

Lindner is hoping to obtain more funds during this legislative session to reach underserved areas. "We're trying to get the government to recommend $3 million to expand our public access strategies, especially within community college libraries and around the state in local libraries." Currently many libraries can reach the state network through a dial-up network, but this funding would allow the state to connect more libraries at a higher bandwidth. Lindner's goal for FCN is to have it reach and work for the citizens of his state -- and by improving the availability of access, more citizens can be served.


By working to take FCN to a new level, Lindner is continuing to work toward improving the way that government works. One of the initiatives he hopes to accomplish during this session is legislation that would allow more use of electronic commerce with credit card transactions on the Web. "We're looking toward even more expanded electronic transactions over the network," he explained. "If this legislation passes, it will allow us to joint venture with technology companies to share revenue strategies."

Lindner found several vendors who are interested in helping with the upfront capital expenditure if they can share in the revenue stream.

Lindner has been working with Microsoft as a beta site for its new Normandy server software. He is very excited about the opportunity and said it's technology like that which will help FCN continue to improve.

And as far as his plans? "I intend to be even better next year, and I intend to win that award again and again."

* Bill Lindner has

helped build an


network for

Florida that's


the way state

government works.

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