Conferences For the New Millennium

Conferences For the New Millennium

by / June 30, 1998
GTC West
The Twelfth Annual GTC West conference, sponsored by Government Technology, attracted over 22,000 attendees from the public and private sectors. Keynotes included John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends 2000 and Global Paradox, Gateway President and COO Jeffrey Weitzen, and President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson -- portrayed by historian Clay Jenkinson -- delivered the final keynote, earning a standing ovation and capping one of GTC's strongest programs.

Justice & Public Safety
The 1998 Conference on Justice & Public Safety in the 21st Century -- held in conjunction with GTC West in Sacramento, Calif. -- emphasized strategic IT funding, including presentations by Paul Kendall, General Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice, and a special taped message to conference attendees by U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. The North Carolina Department of Corrections also brought in a panel to present the state's SAVIN project, a nationally recognized victim-notification program.

At a special dinner, the Honorable George Nicholson was honored with the first Government Technology Leadership Award.


North Carolina Y2K Summit
In April, Government Technology hosted The North Carolina Statewide Summit on Year 2000 in Durham, N.C. The conference was a direct result of California's Y2K summit held in February. North Carolina Gov. James B. Hunt, Lt. Gov. Dennis Wicker and Secretary of Transportation E. Norris Tolson were speakers as well as avid supporters of the event. The summit proved to be an excellent opportunity to bring business, and state and local government leaders together to discuss the state's year-2000 challenges.

North Carolina Y2K Summit: 1. Rep. Dennis Reynolds, North Carolina Legislature and Jeff Rudd, economic developer, Caswell County, N.C. 2. Rick Carlisle, acting secretary, North Carolina Dept. of Commerce. 3. Robert Gierka, Public Affairs, North Carolina Dept. of Commerce and Doug Deaton, Year 2000 Project Office, North Carolina Dept. of Commerce. 4. Rick Webb, CIO, state of North Carolina; Rick Carlisle; and Debra Jones, year-2000 director, North Carolina Project Office. 5. North Carolina Gov. James B. Hunt. 6. F. Selby Wellman, senior vice president and general manager, Interworks Business Unit & Research Triangle Park, North Carolina Corporate Site, Cisco Systems. 7. E. Norris Tolson, secretary of transportation, state of North Carolina.

GTC West and Justice & Public Safety: 1. Hon. Robert Puglia, presiding judge, California Court of Appeal, 3rd District, presents the first Government Technology Leadership Award to Hon. George Nicholson, associate justice, California Court of Appeal, 3rd District, at a special dinner during GTC West. 2. Debra Bowen, California State Assembly. 3. California State Sen. Richard Polanco. 4. Liz Kniss, city councilwoman, city of Palo Alto,Calif., and Costis Toregas, president, PTI. 5. Hon. Thomas Cecil, presiding judge, Sacramento Superior and Municipal Courts, at the Justice & Public Safety conference. 6. Hon. Robert Puglia. 7. Gary Cooper, executive director, SEARCH. 8. John Eger, president, World Foundation for Smart Communities. 9. Lt. Bill Hughes, Roseville, Calif., Police Dept. and mayor, city of Citrus Heights, Calif. 10. (L-R) Jonathan Wolin, manager, Trial Court Funding, Trial Court Services Division, Administrative Office of the Courts; Mike Roddy executive director, Sacramento, Calif., courts; Alan Slater, court executive officer, Orange County Superior Court and member, Court Technology Committee; Pedro Reyes, principal program budget analyst, California Dept. of Finance; and Hon. Thomas Cecil. 11. Clark Kelso, director, Institute for Legislative Practice, McGeorge School of Law. 12. Paul Kendall, general counsel, U.S. Dept. of Justice. 13. Thomas Gede, special assistant attorney general, state of California. 14. (L-R) Donald MacNeil, deputy district attorney, special projects manager, McGeorge School of Law; Scott Wallace, executive director, National Legal Aid & Defender Association; Paulino Duran, public defender, county of Sacramento; and Paul Pfingst, district attorney, county of San Diego. 15. Hon. Judith Ford, Oakland-Piedmont-Emeryville, Calif., Municipal Court.

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