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James J. Flyzik

James J. (Jim) Flyzik is the deputy assistant secretary and chief information officer for the Department of the Treasury. He provides technology and information infrastructure programs within the Treasury and its 14 Bureaus. He previously spent 15 years at the U.S. Secret Service in key IT management positions. Flyzik served as team leader on Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review Information Technology Team.

Mark Jinks
Mark Jinks serves as director of financial & information technology for Alexandria, Va. In this position, he serves as the city's chief financial officer and is responsible for IT services and capital planning and finance. Prior to his assuming this position, he spent 10 years as director of Management and Finance for Arlington County, Virginia. Jinks also lectures at graduate level in public administration, as has served as a consultant to cities in Poland in the areas of finance and economic development.

Kathryn M. Kustermann
Kathryn Kustermann is Chicago's deputy chief information officer, serving as an internal consultant responsible for developing and implementing strategies for improving city services through process redesign and technology. She has led the effort to reengineer the city's $1 billion procurement process and is currently the project manager for the implementation of the city's new Oracle financial management and purchasing system.

Bob Patterson
Bob Patterson was first elected Shelby County, Tenn., trustee in 1990, and is responsible for the economic forecasting of Shelby County government. He works with the chairman
of the County Commission, chairman of the Budget Committee and other commissioners. Prior to this, Patterson served as an auditor for the county through an independent agency, manager of management systems development, budget director and comptroller of Shelby County.

Stewart Rog
Stewart Rog is the national director of the Deloitte & Touche LLP Management Solutions Public Sector Industry Practice. He has more than 21 years of consulting experience in providing technology solutions, reengineering, and process redesign for state and local governments.