criminals. Still, where it has received the most attention is in combating the violence of street gangs, like the Los Angeles-based Crips and Bloods.

"While law enforcement can be very territorial at times, there has always been a tendency to share information when it is related to violent crime, and that is what GangNet is all about. It provides a useful way for cities, counties and states -- even different agencies -- to share the gang-related information they collect," said Gates. "We know that gang members are incredibly mobile and they use that mobility to get away with crimes. They even send out hit teams -- under financial contracts with other sets around the country -- to fly in, make a kill and fly out. They call them hunters. Obviously, GangNet won't solve these crimes, but it will make it harder for the killers to get away with them. We have a tremendous gang problem and GangNet is one more tool to help bring it under control," said Gates.

Ray Dussault is a Sacramento, Calif.-based writer.

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