April 1996

Imaging Goes With Workflow

Workflow software can change an imaging system from an electronic filing cabinet into a system that automates how information is processed and managed.

Welfare AFIS

After much delay, state and local governments are beginning to use finger-imaging technology to curb welfare fraud and save dollars.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

Justice & Technology

Lessons From Videotaped Courts

Utah courts are using video to produce trial records in cases with low probability of appeal.





Virginia¹s EDI Delivers

Virginia's Accounts Department does business electronically with 3,000 trading partners, saving postage and delivering checks and information on time.

Geo Info

Florida Paves Sensitive Path

GIS helps Florida DOT balance the need to build a safer road with the need to protect environmentally sensitive areas.


Imaged Prints Go Online, Cops Return to Streets

Identifying prisoners with mugshots and fingerprints was costing the Boston Police Department dearly in time and resources. The installation of a citywide imaging system completely changed the situation.

Workflow Gets DMV Back In Gear

For the Kansas Division of Vehicles, workflow has made the difference between having an expensive imaging system for storing electronic documents and an effective information system that has virtually eliminated taxpayer complaints about service.

Product Watch

Storage: More Bytes for the Buck

Our growing electronic history requires greater storage capacity and faster retrieval. Here's a report


Cambridge Lends An Electronic Hand

Cambridge, Mass., developed a Web page, without using tax dollars, to aid its residents.

Best of the Web

Security and access challenges are keeping government from taking full advantage of the Internet. But those challenges

Technology & Governance

Improve Decisions Through Information Proficiency

Are you a novice, experimenter or innovator? Here's a paradigm designed to help you and your agency improve decision-making.

Data Center Evolution

Private-sector concepts and mainframe computers are a good match for tomorrow

Product News

Product News

Product News