April 1997

Court System Saves More Than Time

Washington state saves millions by automating its court scheduling.

Bill Lindner and the Florida Communities Network

Bill Lindner helped build an award-winning network for the state of Florida.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field

Managing Technology

Managing Technology

Top-down government is about to be turned on its head.


Digital Signature Legislation

A current summary of states with updated or pending legislation. Reprinted with permission of McBride Baker& Coles.

New York's IRM Task Force

The Task Force on Information Resource Management is helping New York state and local agencies coordinate and plan.

Geo Info

Puerto Rico's New Geodetic Network

Losses in property-tax revenue and litigation over property disputes led to a new high-accuracy geodetic reference network for Puerto Rico.

GPS Dogs to the Rescue

With GPS and GIS, Contra Costa Search and Rescue teams can track which areas their dogs have searched and which they haven't.


Electronic Commerce

What effects will virtual cash, faceless electronic transactions and digital signatures have on government, business and society?


Rule Proposed for Electronic Court Record Access

Rule Proposed for Electronic Court Record Access


The National Privacy and Public Policy Symposium was designed to look at privacy issues from virtually every conceivable angle and discipline.

Product Focus

Product Focus: Internet Tools

A plethora of Internet applications can help any government agency set up a Web site faster than ever before.

Product News

Product News

Product News

Strategic Computing

Strategic Computing

With a little business savvy, Missouri CIO Mike Benzen consolidates Year 2000 problems at the state level.


John M. Eger

John M. Eger -- former advisor to Presidents Nixon and Ford, director of the White House Office of Telecommunications Policy, and a former vice president of CBS -- is today helping define the new role of cities within the global information economy.