PAST ISSUES / April 2003

Big Brother: Is He Watching You?

Super computer systems that track our everyday transactions have many on edge.

Sweeping Changes

An unprecedented number of new state CIOs are moving into office at a time of intense pressure to leverage more efficiency from technology.

Driver's License Debate

Both AAMVA and the feds look at data sharing that can detect individuals attempting to obtain driver's licenses in more than one state.


The Disruptive Moment

A broader view of adjustment assistance to finish what we started.



Mapping government IT

Geo Info

Plotting the Path of Destruction

Statewide GIS project supports shuttle debris recovery.

Point of View

E-Government's Glass is Half-Full

E-Government's Glass is Half-Full

Product News

Product News

PC Guardian; Array Networks; CyberResearch; Latis Networks


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon


Hung Jury

State courts struggle to find balance between electronic access and privacy rights.


Affordable Academy

Virginia takes project management into its own hands.

Product Focus

More Than a Monitor

Smart displays remotely access applications and data on desk-bound PCs.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile: Dave Macdonald

Director, Alameda County Information Technology Department


Streamlining Standards

The CDC aims to more efficiently collect and disseminate information about communicable diseases.