April 2005

Shaking Off the Rust

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and CIO Teresa Takai view technology as key to revitalizing Michigan's economy.

Social Services Synchronicity

States face decision on integrating health and human services eligibility: Rip and replace, or work with what they have.

Ready, Set, Return

California rolls out its Ready Return pilot for the 2005 tax season.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: A Laptop for Dummies

Averatec's 3200 series notebook is so user-friendly, even the most technologically challenged can use it.

Point of View

Powerful Partners

Powerful Partners

Geo Info

The Whole Enchilada

Enterprise GIS servers could be an easier, more economical way to distribute full GIS functionality to many desktops.

CIO Profile

Thera Bradshaw

CIO and General Manager, Los Angeles Information Technology Agency


The Replacement Track

Readers mark the spot.


Time Online

El Paso simplifies employee time management with Web-enabled work force automation software.

A New Way to Tax

Indiana offers businesses a new way to pay taxes.

Electronic Government

Hey, No Charge!

A CIO discusses elimination of the city's charge-back system for IT services.

Smarter Taxes

A Web-based application from the Colorado Department of Revenue helps jurisdictions make better business decisions


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

New Standard Keyboards, Ricoh, Panasonic, Devon IT