PAST ISSUES / April 2006

Moving Medicine Forward

Electronic health records are key to transforming a fractural health-care system. Who's helping hospitals and physicians make the transition?

Television Wasteland

Congress solidifies the transition to digital TV, ushering in a new era for the public's spectrum.


A Market View of What You Do

Public-sector technology is dead. Long live public-sector technology.

Geo Info

All Hands on Deck

Web-based technology assists collaboration and communication in event planning and emergency management.


Replacing Woodshop

A nonprofit organization brings free technology curricula to high schools nationwide.


Public-Private Puzzle

As the federal government offers more money for local traffic management infrastructure, state DOTs differ on how to fit private-sector partners into the picture.

Point of View

CIOs and Health IT

CIOs and Health IT

Product News

Product News

Dell, Logitech, Xantrex, Samsung


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.


Controlling Government Abuse of our Right to Privacy

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Fully Loaded

The ThinkPad R52 offers a lot of features and muscle.

CIO Profile

Troy Swanson

CIO, Information Technology Department, Anchorage, Alaska


A Real Dilemma

West Virginia eyes Real ID Act requirements.