April 2007

Small Wonder

Nanotechnology is on the verge of changing everything -- from cancer treatment to water desalination.

Cloudy Forecast

Regional clouds could be the next generation of municipal wireless networks, but governments must collaborate.


A Snipe at Speedsters

Lidar offers pinpoint accuracy in nabbing speeding motorists.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Black Box

Is the Gateway E-2600D up to the grueling task of simultaneously word processing and surfing the Net?

Point of View

Reinventing Our Web Site

Reinventing Our Web Site


Stretching Resources

Schools save money when four students share the assets of one PC.

Geo Info

When No One's Home

Technology grant helps communities catalog and manage their vacant properties.

The Last Mile

Taxes Through Time

Taxes Through Time


The Traf-O-Matic

Everything old is new again


Wi-Fi Bus Ride

The Colorado Springs, Colo., Transit Services Division works to enhance Wi-Fi for its commuters.

Tax Man

The U.S. Department of the Treasury partners with Illinois and South Carolina to let business taxpayers pay federal and state taxes simultaneously.

Electronic Government

X Factor

XQuery simplifies how enterprises can search XML data.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon

Product News

Product News

Genius, ViewSonic, Lanier, Toshiba