April 2010

Making Voting Systems Open Source Could Forever Change Election Technology

Some transparency may be taking root in U.S. voting systems, as a California-based nonprofit is creating a suite of open-source election software that allows users to view and modify the underlying computer code.

Unused Television Spectrum Could Deliver New Broadband Services

Wilmington, N.C., becomes a test bed for using TV 'white spaces' to provide connectivity for smart city initiative.


South Carolina's Public-Private Partnership Brings Interoperability to State Public Safety Communications

Growing emergency communications system serves more than 450 state, county and municipal agencies.

Point of View

Open Source Electronic Voting Systems Slow to Catch On (Opinion)

November elections may bring test of open code e-voting.


Federally Funded Study to Bring Thousands of Electric Cars to Five States

EV Project gives electric vehicles and recharging infrastructure to states for two-year study.

Economic Development

New Jersey Patent Bank Aims to Supercharge State's Economy

Searchable patent Web portal encourages entrepreneurial inventors and collaboration among researchers.

Green Technology

South Bronx 'GreenFab' Customizes Education

Program focused on preparing the future work force fabricates educational success in New York's South Bronx.

Electronic Government

North Carolina County Puts Land Management Into Centralized Network

New land management software in Catawba County, N.C., integrates centralized network, GIS platforms to streamline planning and permitting process.


Can a Smart Water Grid Save States from Looming Water Shortage?

State and local water utilities and water companies consider smart technology to detect leaks and help customers monitor water use. But at what cost?

Washington, D.C., Tracks Fire Hydrants with Analytics and Asset-Management Software

Washington, D.C., tracks water assets to streamline inspections and aid firefighters in emergencies.


IT Trends: Astronaut Tweets From Space; Sunflower Power

Government and social networks; engineers model legged robots after cockroaches.