April 2011

Miami-Dade County Harnesses GIS Data

How GIS makes the Miami-Dade metro area safer, better prepared and more informed.

iPads in the Classroom

Is this the way of the future? Government Technology magazine visited three Chicago schools to find out.


Successful IT Outsourcing in Municipalities Goes Under the Radar

Local California governments save money and time with IT outsourcing.

Open Source Software Helps an Oregon Transportation Department for GIS, Website Development

Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon uses open source to create OpenTripPlanner for citizens.


State DOTs Collaborate and Save on Software Development

Since 1986, state departments of transportation have been saving money on shared software programs — kind of like Groupon.

Justice and Public Safety

Iris Scanners Gain Traction in New York and Texas

Law enforcement agencies use iris scans to guard against mistaken release of arrestees.

Police Test App That Instantly Reveals Criminal Records

IPhone app allows police, fire and first responders to scan nearby homes for registered sex offenders and other persons with criminal records.

Four Questions

Kristin Russell Discusses New Role as Colorado CIO and Secretary of Technology

One goal is to understand technology's role in state's economic development and recovery plan.


New Products from PortaPocket, enTourage eDGe, Archerfish

Carrying case, tablet netbook, surveillance system.

Gov 2020

5 Ways to Double Your Revenue (Opinion)

Thinking of government as a growth company.

Point of View

Miami-Dade County GIS Gives Emergency Planners Vital Data (Opinion)

Japan’s recent disasters remind us that disaster planning and response are vital.


Texas to Build Experimental Green Community

A new community north of Dallas will measure and study energy-efficient technology over the next 50 to 75 years.

Tech Support

4G Map


Does 4G Deliver?

Wireless carriers are quick to market their latest devices as 4G, but none deliver true 4G speed. Take a look at what's available now and where 4G is headed in the future.

iPad Apps That Government Workers Use on the Job

Government officials share their favorite practical iPad applications.


Network Nightmare? Personal Phones on Agency Networks

CIOs grapple with the growing use of personal smartphones to access corporate networks.


IT Trends: California Secure IDs, Government IT Investment Plans

Google digitizes Nelson Mandela, customer satisfaction survey.