August 1995

Wireless Offers New Opportunities

Government now has several choices for sending data over the airwaves. But the wireless environment can be unpredictable, making it prudent to know the costs, as well as benefits, of going mobile.

Texas Issues Digital Licenses

In an effort to better serve the public and create a forge-proof driver's license, Texas turned to an imaging solution.

Traffic Jams Not Radio Jams

Police in Washington state are using digital radio and PCs to make communications lines run smooth once again.

Justice & Technology

Direct Supervision and Records Automation

Instead of typical jail cells with steel bars, the Knox County Detention Facility incorporates direct supervision through the use of a computerized justice management system.


Who You Gonna Call?

Once your modem is out of the box and connected to your computer, what services and other options are available to you?

Geo Info

New Jersey Maps its Wetlands

To more efficiently regulate the preservation of its wetlands, New Jersey has developed a GIS basemap accurate to within an acre.


Tiny Radar Could Save Lives

Tiny Radar Could Save Lives


Search Tools for Information Quests

A new generation of search and retrieval tools have improved the way text documents can be found in computers. Some software can even look for images.


Aggressive Parking Meters Hit the Streets

A new computerized parking meter raises revenues, conducts parking surveys and helps free up parking spaces. But if it's so great, why are cities reluctant to unleash it?

Product Focus

Pentium: Power to Burn

Pentium processors are giving users the power and speed they want and forging the 200+MHz machines of the future.


The Great Equalizers - Libraries and Internet Access

Those who cannot afford online access or don't need it often enough to subscribe to an Internet provider often turn to public libraries.

Department of De-Engineering

Department of De-engineering

Department of De-engineering


U.S. Rep. Ron Wyden

U.S. Rep. Ron Wyden

Product News

August Products

August Products