August 1996

Will Integrated Public Safety & Criminal Justice Become a Reality?

Redundant data gathering and lack of communication mean trouble for public safety and criminal justice agencies. Integrating these agencies could mean improving their capabilities and reducing crime.

Angels Over Montana

.The women of a Montana search and rescue team use GPS and other technology tools to help them perform their jobs better.

Missouri Databases Help Solve Crimes

A peanut in the stomach of a murder victim and a candy wrapper in an automobile lead to an arrest.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology

Justice & Technology

A New Dimension to Crime Reconstruction

Crime scene reconstruction has become simpler and more accurate, thanks to low cost, user-friendly 3-D CAD software.

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field


Video Network

The Illinois Video Network reduces conference costs and increases personal productivity.

Geo Info

GIS On the Trail of Disease

Spatial analysis of disease started with the London cholera epidemic of 1854. Today, GIS is the newest tool in tracking epidemics.


Indianapolis Outsources Imaging

Outsourcing to reduce risk and to allow staff to focus on their primary responsibilities.

Product Watch

Product Focus: PCs

Dozens of technology companies are constantly offering better and faster PCs. Here's some of the latest and greatest, including tips on navigating your way through the waters.

Product News: Law Enforcement

Product News: Law Enforcement





Beginner's Guide to Internet Searches

How to get where you're going on the Internet.


Roger Warren, President, National Center for State Courts

Fast-moving technology collides with one of society's most conservative institutions.

Technology & Governance

Countdown to a New Governor

When Washington Gov. Mike Lowry announced he would not seek another term, the state's Department of Information Services began preparing for the political transition.