August 1997

Telecom Act Hits the Road to Mixed Reviews

The 1996 Telecommunications Act brought competition and congestion to the field as companies jockey for antenna sites.


Showtime for the Internet

This spring

Law Enforcement Heads for the Hills

A dial-up intranet puts outstanding warrants and criminal histories at the fingertips of local law enforcement in Virginia

Public Safety

Public Safety

Will strong encryption prevent legal wiretaps? Should sex offender data be available to the public over the Internet? Our panel of experts takes up technology and public safety.

Product News

Saucer Snoop

Saucer Snoop

Product Focus

Product Focus: Emergency Response Tools

Emergency response agencies across the nation implement the latest technologies.


Is Possession Still Nine-Tenths of the Law?

Is Possession Still Nine-Tenths of the Law?


Child Support System Rescued

North Carolina rescues its federally mandated automated child support system from almost certain derailment.


Cruising for a Match

The FBI would like to offer law enforcement agencies the chance to match fingerprints from their patrol cars. But there are a few problems with the idea.

Notes from the Field

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field


Mayors Meet in San Francisco

Mayors Meet in San Francisco


Internet 101 For Cops

Some law enforcement agencies have been slow to take advantage of new technology, but they

First Great City of the 21st Century

San Diego


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.