August 1998

Cellular Safety's 125-Meter Dash

By 2001, wireless companies must locate cellular 911 calls within 125 meters. The technology exists, but so do some formidable problems.

Catch a Mobile Data Network to Go

Choosing between private and commercial mobile data networks.

Communications "Troops" Deployed in Massachusetts

The former director of communications for Massachusetts explains how balancing technology, funding and political support paved the way for the state's new radio system.


National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

Justice & Technology

International Cooperation

USCS employs Operation Longarm to grab child-porn users.

Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field

"We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done."-- Book of Common Prayer

CIO Profile

Louis Gutierrez

Louis Gutierrez

Geo Info

The Census of the Century

Technology runs toward making the U.S. census the most accurate it's ever been, but there's a headwind.


Drivers Beware

Lost parking and traffic tickets are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to imaging technology.


Committing to Privacy?

The Clinton administration's interest in privacy may be motivated more by politics than an interest in the public's privacy rights.

Product Focus

The Letter and the Spirit

The Atlanta Police Department meets "public access to documents" requirement.

The Letter and the Spirit

The Atlanta Police Department meets "public access to documents" requirement.


Critics Light a Fire

South Dakota is pushing for increased information access and an education extranet under the governor's directive.

Hits in the Heartland

Sedgwick County, Kan., has developed a big-city Web site to inform and interact with its residents.

Product News

Product News

Product News


Interview Grid

With lives on the line, the information edge saves precious seconds. Thus, law enforcement and public safety agencies were among the first to embrace wireless communications and other specialized information technologies. For an update, we queried our panel of experts.