August 1999

Virtual Universities: Revolutionizing Education or Just Digital Diploma Mills

Virtual universities use technology to deliver courses and degrees. But questions concerning their value are emerging almost as fast as the schools.

GIS Secures a Place on the Map

The future of GIS is happening now, are users ready?

Shared Books Nab Crooks

Law enforcement increasingly turns to data warehousing to compile information on criminals on the move.


Turning Cities into Citadels

Domestic preparedness is key to managing and responding to attacks against cities.

Big Brother's Eyes

Video cameras in public places offer increased security in some Baltimore locations.

Local Government

Electric Paper and Digital Ink

If you haven't visited your government's printing department lately, you're in for a big surprise.

Keeping Kids Safe on the Cyber-Playground

Police department in Illinois uses Web to teach Internet safety.

Fired Up About Laptops

The Georgetown Fire Department in South Carolina has pertinent and updated information right at its fingertips.


The GT National Technology Snapshot

The GT National Technology Snapshot


Keep This in Mind

A new way to manage storage problems is available.

Geo Info

Slicing Up the Geo-Political Pie

A homemade GIS application dramatically simplifies redistricting.

Integrating the System Bus into the Bus System

Creating the metropolitan transit system for the 21st century


Blast About the Past

The National Archives and Records Administration's Digital Classroom project is bringing history to life.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Public Safety


Act Needs Protection

The Drivers Privacy Protection Act is likely to reach the Supreme Court.

Product Focus

Integrating Technology into Law Enforcement is "Elementary My Dear Watson!"

Integrating Technology into Law Enforcement is "Elementary My Dear Watson!"

Fanning the FLAME

Unique software helps fire departments plan their future.

Last Bytes

Last Bytes

Web Site Just Says No to Hillary

Product News

Product News

Product News