August 2001

The Other Bush

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush drives climate of change.

Easy Street

DMVs pioneered online government and now the agencies and their constituents are reaping the rewards.

This Land Is Your Land

With the help of the Internet and GIS, local officials are learning how to control land use for future generations.

State of the Digital State: Part II

The Center for Digital Government surveys the 50 states to reveal who's getting the most out of technology in revenue/taxation and electronic commerce/business regulation.


Ending the Pawnshop Paper Trail

Police know technology can help make pawnshop transaction information more useful in investigations, but debates over standards have slowed progress.


Electronic ETAs

Cities are using technology to take the guesswork out of public transit schedules.

Tech Focus

Heeding the Call

Many governments are turning to call-center technology to improve constituent relations and efficiency within their organizations.

Local Government

Charting a New Course for GIS

City and county executives discuss the potential for GIS in local government.

Crayon to Computer Conversion

Citizens of Fairfax County, Va., use GIS to ease the reapportioning process.


National Technology Snapshot

National Technology Snapshot

The Word On

The Word On

State-Level GIOs

Point of View

E-Government vs. E-Democracy

E-Government vs. E-Democracy

CIO Profile

GIO Profile

GIO Profile

Geo Info

GIS Tracks a Moving Target

Smaller, lower-cost GIS systems provide faster, more practical ways to map fast-moving wildfires.

An Urban Data Goldmine

New York City agencies roll out the first public applications based on a massive new warehouse of geographic data.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

A grab bag of gadgets and gizmos.