August 2003

A Fair Share

Giving is just as good as receiving for states belonging to the multistate information sharing and analysis center.

Igniting PKI

Growth is steady but not as fast as some expected.


Full Court Press

Stanislaus County's Superior Court aggressively pursued information integration.

Point of View

The "Systerhood" of Technology

The "Systerhood" of Technology

CIO Profile

Dave Cummings

CIO, Clackamas County, Oregon

Geo Info

Scanned In

The Kentucky Geological Survey launched a free, statewide, Web-accessible database of oil and gas records taken from paper images in the archive.

One-Stop Shopping

Federal, state and local agencies work together on a portal for sharing GIS files.

Public Safety

The Eyes Have It

Iris recognition software transformed the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport's process of positively identifying airport personnel.


The End of Architecture

Where public service and Web services meet.


What's Next for Electronic Voting?

Shift toward e-voting solutions raises more questions about voting integrity.



Mapping government IT

Electronic Government

Health-Care Overhaul

Rather than playing technological catch-up to meet new federal privacy requirements, West Virginia outsourced its entire health-care claims operation.

A Vote for the Future

Wi-Fi voting goes off without a hitch in Fairfax, Va.

Under Review

Brockton, Mass., improved citizen service and got a return on its investment from performing a telecom overhaul.

Connecting Country Roads

The environment may finally be right for rapid broadband deployment in rural areas.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon

Product News

Product News

SmartLine Inc., Informative Graphics Corp., DigiGAN Inc., TOLIS Group Inc.