August 2004

Fixing 911

A major overhaul will plug a dangerously leaky system.

Past Tense

Aging IT systems still trundle along in state and local government back offices.

Sarasota Symbiosis

Florida's Sarasota County brings the dream of intergovernmental cooperation to life.


Steady Funding

Michigan State Police shoots for success of IT projects over the long haul.


Capitol Connection

Visitors at Arizona's Capitol can multitask while they wait.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Have a Ball

KeyTronic's LT Tball is a party on your desk.

Local Government

Butterfly Effect

The Critical Decision Institute finds a novel way to train senior public officials and business leaders to make better decisions in disaster scenarios.

Point of View

Good Politics

Good Politics

Geo Info

Piecing It Together

California GIS Council seeks to better coordinate GIS statewide.

CIO Profile

Daniel Hatton, Ph.D.

Deputy CEO, CIO: County of Orange, Calif.



Government IT projects make headlines

Electronic Government

Government Helps Itself

New financial disclosure application makes life easier for county officials.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon.

Product News

Product News

Targus, Buffalo Technology, Philips Electronics, VisiKey, Toshiba, ScriptLogic Corp.