August 2005

On the Record

Security technologist and author Bruce Schneier tackles identity theft questions and security issues.

American ITIL

The British blockbuster finally finds an American audience.

Picking Up the Tab

Self-funding portals have long supported e-government services.


Keeping Tabs

New Web-based application in Massachusetts contains a suite of information on registered sex offenders.

Tech Focus

Two Cents: Making a Connection

Incorporating the BlackBerry 7100g into my life helped in some ways, but lacked in others.

Local Government

Remote Control

City agencies look to onboard monitoring and data analysis systems to lower fleet costs and keep vehicles in service.

Point of View

Paying for Poor Security

Paying for Poor Security

Geo Info

In a Scrape

Satellite imagery provides key evidence in lawsuit against Scottsdale, Ariz., developer.

CIO Profile

John Gillispie

Iowa CIO and Chief Operating Officer, Information Technology Enterprise (ITE), Department of Administrative Services


What's That Ahead?

Fifteen states unite to fund a research project to help prevent animal-vehicle collisions on state roadways and save lives.


An Overnight Sensation 50 Years in the Making

Lessons from the first half-century of digital government.

Electronic Government

Property Rights

New law seeks to make states' dealings with electronic real estate documents consistent.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon

Product News

Product News

Toshiba, Socket Communications, Memory Experts International, ViewSonic