August 2012

Are You Ready for Civilian Drones?

With the expansion of unmanned aerial vehicles into civilian life, drones could search for missing persons, feed photos and video to news outlets, and even deliver your takeout.

California County Tries to Roll Out Wireless Broadband to Farms

Fresno, Calif., the most productive agricultural region in the nation, works to roll out wireless broadband across a landscape populated primarily with fruits and vegetables.

Are Government Kiosks Making a Comeback?

Left for dead after the rise of the Internet, kiosks are returning to government offices to augment recession-thinned staff.


4 Tips to Beat the Budget Heat

What government can learn from buying an air conditioner.

Four Questions

Washington CIO Bharat Shyam Talks About His Shift From the Private to the Public Sector

Ex-Microsoft manager discusses his transition to state CIO.


Hackathon Aims to Clear the Air

During the first 24-hour global hackathon, data scientists work to help the EPA predict air quality more effectively


New Products from CTL, Plustek, XtremeMac

Ruggedized tablet, surveillance system, iPad case.

Point of View

Shoring Up Cybersecurity (Opinion)

Teamwork and information sharing between the private and public sector can reduce security woes.

Case Studies

Maryland Governor’s Office Trades Printers for iPads (VIDEO)

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s office goes paperless, swapping out copiers, faxes and printers for iPads.

New York City Agency Simplifies the Data Warehouse

A new lightweight version of NYC Human Resources Administration data warehouse gives users fast access to information they need.

Public Safety

Accessible AlertSanDiego Brings Emergency Notifications via Text, Voice and Video

San Diego County’s Office of Emergency Services launches alternative emergency alerts for citizens who can’t understand traditional notifications.


Spectrum: Smart Pavement, A Cure for Filthy Phones

Spray-on battery, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.