December 1998

Integrated Justice: The Burden of Proof

In the first of a three-part series on integrated justice, Government Technology examines why technology has failed to integrate our judicial institutions.

The New Model It's Now About People

Economic development used to be about industry, infrastructure and material resources. In the global Information Age, it's about attracting the human kind of resources.

Enterprising Solutions

Enterprise systems can provide comprehensive agencywide improvements in functionality and efficiency while stomping the millennium bug.

Government Empowers, Kentucky Flowers

A combination of governmental development assistance and top technology has at least one state in full bloom.


National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

Freedman's Flash

Peace of Mind -- Finally

It makes your palms sweat. Your knees quake. It ruins your digestion. Now, you'll never again have to worry about your hard disk crashing.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile Utah CIO, David Moon

CIO Profile Utah CIO, David Moon


An Interview With Italy's CIO GUIDO M. REY

Guido M. Rey is president of AIPA (Autorita per L'informatica nell' Amministrazione Pubblica) -- in effect, the CIO of the government of Italy, a country with a population of about 60 million. AIPA promotes, coordinates, plans and controls the development of information systems within the government's central organizations and agencies, and is responsible for their standardization, connection and integration. A key part of that effort is the Unified Network, which will eventually connect every government office, at every level, in Italy. He was interviewed in Italian by International and Products Editor Kaveh Ghaemian. The Italian text can be found on Government Technology's Web site in the International section.

Can a National ID Tell Us Who We Are?

Whether there is a need is also a question.

Geo Info

Making Sense of Waves of Ocean Data

GIS allows a San Diego agency to put water-quality data into a format so that is convenient for the scientist and comprehensible to the layman.

Web/GIS Application Gives Small City Big Help

Vallejo, Calif., turns to GIS to replace jobs lost to the closing of a naval shipyard.


Fair Compensation: System Cuts Wait on Claims

The New York State Workers' Compensation Board is investing in document management to eliminate costly paperwork associated with claims processing and adjudication.


The Privileged Few

When the courts consistently sided against President Clinton's claims of privilege during the Starr investigation, they ran contrary to past rulings.

Product Focus

Over the Net -- Servers Rule

You'll "love" the variety of servers on the market today

Letters to the Editor



Product News

Product News

Product News


Economic Development

Economic Development