December 1999

Courting Distant Opportunities

A rural Pennsylvania distance learning program has shown success in training court reporters.

Wireless' Byte-Size Bandwidth

Despite recent advancements, bandwidth remains a rare commodity for users of wireless data applications.

LAW:Literally Arresting Wireless

While some in law enforcement have embraced mobile technology and wireless applications, others are feeling handcuffed by history and an unwillingness to change.

Local Government

Incubating Technology

A program in Fulton County, Ga., helps IT start-ups leave the nest.


the GT National Technology Snapshot

the GT National Technology Snapshot

Notes from the Field

Building the Digital State

Building the Digital State


Open Sesame!

Open-source software infiltrates the mainstream with powerful performance and rock-bottom prices.


An ODE to Accountability

The Ohio Department of Education turned a legislative mandate to get tough on school assessment and accountability into an opportunity to develop a high-tech learning tool.


Outsourcing: The Devil's in the Guarantees

Outsourcing: The Devil's in the Guarantees



The Internet is becoming the trade route of the future as it moves from the distribution of information to a secure place to conduct business.


Past President, Future Leader

Former NLC President Brian O'Neill guides the city of brotherly love toward technological utopia.


Employing a Portal

Web site offers job services and collaboration between state agencies.


Economic Development

Economic Development

Product News

Best of Product news '99

Government Technology selected the 16 most interesting products of 1999 from the pages of this year's product news. The selection was wholly subjective, based on what was unusual, innovative and potentially useful to our readers. If you know of an interesting product we haven't covered, contact Kaveh Ghaemian at 916/932-1300 or e-mail The prices listed were the most accurate single-unit figures available at time of publication. Please contact vendors for current prices.