PAST ISSUES / December 2002

Green Machine

National environmental information system seeks to change the world, one mouse click at a time.

An Inclusive Internet

States discover there's more than one way to improve Web site accessibility.

Unequal Access

Patchwork of policies creates uncertain e-government availability for citizens with disabilities.

A Consensus on Standards?

Private and public entities collaborate to publish benchmarks for Internet security.


signal:noise Governing Informatics

When digital government becomes digital governance.



Mapping government IT

Geo Info

Keeping Score

What's the payback from investing in GIS?

Product News

Product News

Cutting Edge Software Inc., FalconStor Software, Xybernaut Corp., ScanSoft Inc.


Information Overload

Technology helps manage a mountain of information in D.C. sniper case.


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT Horizon

CIO Profile

CIO Profile: Joseph Marcella

Las Vegas


Technology on Trial

The influence of Courtroom 21 is felt in real-life courtrooms around the world.


Making Cents

Micropayments could finance e-government services a few pennies at a time.

Local Government

E-Government on a Budget

Using technology in government may not be cheap, but it has become more affordable thanks to low-cost e-government offerings for local jurisdictions.