December 2003

Rising to the Top?

CIOs might be well suited to lead more than just technology agencies.

Taking Inventory

Washington's plan for interoperability will require an agency-by-agency look at communications equipment.

Grassroots Partnerships

For some jurisdictions, a bottom-up approach to collaboration may be the key to success.

Home Sweet Home

Abandoned properties are getting cleaned up and occupied thanks to organizations like the National Vacant Properties Campaign.


Community Connections

More than 100 Midwest agencies will exchange emergency data through a new information sharing system.

Opening the Doors of Justice

Colorado pilots the first pro se e-filing system for low-income citizens.

Point of View

A Perfect Symbiosis

A Perfect Symbiosis

Geo Info

Plymouth Talk

A new Web site uses GIS technology to communicate a wide variety of data and information to officials and residents of Plymouth, England.

CIO Profile

Todd Sander

CIO, Tucson, Ariz.


Passing the Five-Year Test

Measuring a year in the life of the public-sector IT community.


Controlling Costs

Mainframe software eases budget challenges in North Carolina.



Mapping government IT


GT Spectrum

Reports from the IT horizon

Product News

Product News

MapInfo, Sharp Systems of America, eCivis, Encounter