December 2009

Year in Review: A Look at the People and Events That Shaped 2009

Budget challenges, Web 2.0 figured prominently in 2009.

Washington State GIS Transportation Repository Takes Long Road

Six years in the making, the state and counties teamed to create the Washington Statewide Transportation Framework -- a massive project that required data integration and conversion, software integration and application development.

Point of View

Los Angeles Takes Risk as it Adopts Google Apps (Opinion)

Los Angeles CTO Randi Levin convinces City Council to Use Google Apps citywide.

CIO Profile

Utah CTO David Fletcher on the State's Use of Geo-IP Technology

Geo-IP displays link content that's customized to a citizen's physical location.


Five Things to Remember About 2009

Public records, internal cloud computing and citizen coders figured prominently.


Virus and Malware Prevention Is an Ongoing Battle

Governments must stay vigilant with IT security as viruses constantly change.


IT Trends: Weatherproofing Electronic Devices, 3-D Rome

Urban and Regional Information Systems Association awards local governments for improving citizen services.

Product News

New Products from GammaTech, TomTom, IRES Technology Corp.

Notebook computer, navigation device, wearable camcorder.